I rooted, flashed eclipse, now what

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  1. jasf

    jasf Active Member

    I got tired of my phone slowing down and force closing so I rooted and flashed Eclipse yesterday, but now I want more. I put go launcher back on b.c. I liked the ability to assign two functions to icons, e.g. tap for sms & swype for google talk.

    What should I do now? What new and exciting things can I do to make the phone even better.

  2. dgdave

    dgdave Well-Known Member

    Get something else. Thats what i did.
  3. kraisydave

    kraisydave Well-Known Member

    There are always other phones out there... but you could just over to Tweak 3.0 and start using the terminal emulator to jump around between setups. Makes for a little linux type fun and gives your phone some ICS like function.

  4. stueycaster

    stueycaster Well-Known Member

    Ditto on getting Tweaked. Make sure you're on FP5 first. I don't know for sure but it'll probably run better than Eclipse. It's the best I've used.

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