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I seem to have a lockup/heat related issue maybeSupport

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  1. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    This doesn't happen all the time, but I get a total black screen and no response at all. The only way out of it is a battery pull or hold the power button until it reboot.
    This happens in my pouch, and when I pull the phone out, it is locked up. The phone does seem a "tad" warm, not extremely or overly hot, just a little warm. The only fix is a battery pull or hold the power button down until it restarts.
    I had thought maybe the case I had on it was causing it to get hot, but not so, because this happened early this morning, and just a bit ago tonight, so that makes twice now today it's done this.
    I just came from a reboot nightmare with the warp, and I sure don't want this again.
    This did this in factory state, so I know for a fact it's not root at all, so anyone have any ideas?

  2. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    Try factory reset anyways might help
  3. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    I did a random search on "Samsung galaxy s2 4g epic touch lockups" and came across a forums that had a post about an app called Green Power battery saver. It works similar to Juice defender, and I prefer it over Juice defender personally, but it seems as if people were having issues with this app.
    I have since taken it off and have not had an issue all day so far. I am continuing to test it out, to see how it handles things, but so far so good.

    Doing a factory reset won't solve anything as this is only a 3 day old install, because I just did a reset due to other stuff, no issues, just been messing with roms and such, so I haven't had the phone up and running that long.

    It did however do this when I was in factory state, as in NON-rooted, so it's not because I am rooted as to why it's happening, because this happened "before" I was rooted at all. This lead me to looking into the search I did, and it makes sense that it would be an app, since it did happen both on root and non-rooted and both times I was using the exact same app.
  4. cerj

    cerj Well-Known Member

    What kinda case do you have? maybe its binding up against you power button or vol up down button. sounds silly but a fren of mine had a similar prob. It was the case. Also take your battery out and see if it spins, they get rounded if theyre bad. lay it flat and spin. What are you using to charge the phone. These phones need a 5volt,1 amp charger.I found most car chatgers are 500 ma, 500 ma is half an amp. That can damage a battery quick
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  5. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    That was my first thought as well, so I took the case off and went without for a couple of day and got the same thing.

    I'm not sure exactly what it's doing or what makes it do it when it happens either, that's what makes it annoying :0.
    It's the first one I've had in awhile so it may have been just one of those weird things.

    I am ordering a usb device that resets the odin/triangle tonight. $2 not to bad really.

    With all the stuff I've been doing and testing roms and stuff out, I'm seriously thinking about going back to stock, then re-rooting from scratch again. All the stuff I've been doing I may have left trails (like windows registry sorta) or other weird things behind, but now that things have settled a bit, I can now set on a rom.

    I'm thinking about trying the cm10 rom non-official version, but I heard cm10 can suck the battery down, so kinda makes me leary.
  6. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    Triangle away?

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