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  1. alowishus

    alowishus Active Member

    I seem to have bricked my X2. Tried rooting it after the 2.3.5 update using DroidX2_Root_2012.exe. Not quite sure what happened, but now it won't turn on. And when it's plugged into my laptop all it does is the led glows green. Any suggestions?

    Turns out the battery was dead. Thanks to anyone who started a solution search on my behalf.

  2. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    First you can try to get the phone into Android Recovery mode and try to wipe your data and cache to see if you can get it to boot up.

    With the phone completely powered off press and hold the down volume button while simultaneously turning the power on until you see "fastboot". Then press the volume down button button through the options till you see "Android Recovery".

    Then press Vol Up. Wait a few secs, you will see a triangle with a exclamation mark and the little green Android. Press the Vol Up and Down buttons at the same time. It will go into recovery mode options. Scroll down to wipe data/factory reset, wait for that to finish, then wipe cache partition. Then lastly select reboot system now and hopefully that will put you back to stock.

    If that does not work then we can try performing an SBF. Just let us know.

    Also, to root 2.3.5 make sure you are following these instructions:

    Check out this link for a bunch of How-To videos that shows the above mentioned process, performing an SBF, Rooting 2.3.5 and more.
    How to video's. sbf, root, nandroid backup, and restore - xda-developers
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  3. alowishus

    alowishus Active Member

    Thanks coolpoete for the help. I think the battery wasn't charged enough and simply died. Everything is working fine now after an overnight charge. Going to try and root again tonight.

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