I think I'm now a former cycling fan

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  1. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    I was an avid cyclist and a club racer rising to Cat 3 and masters before a bad back and age took me out. I know George Hincappie's dad and rode with George and some of the Team Motorola guys once many years ago (my slight now invalidated claim to fame). I followed Armstrong's (and Hincappie as well as all the team Moto/Us Postal/Discovery/Radio Shack) career and cheered his historic wins that never happened. As a fan of the sport, the almost constant drug scandals have taken a toll on my enjoyment of the sport. The latest debacle is my last straw. Why should I invest any time in a sport that will at a moments notice eliminate any and all of it's history. I'm now of the opinion that virtually everyone in the upper levels of the sport cheated, have been cheating for decades and are still cheating now. No need to record a win as it will be removed 2-5-10 years later. I'm not saying that they shouldn't try to clean thing up, but at least for me, one who was a not too typical American cycling fan? Enough's enough. Really sad!!!:(

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Can't find the quote in this morning's Post article but it basically discussed that to stay on the top of the game (of nearly ANY sport) that requires such endurance, it's nearly inevitable you're going to start doping.
  3. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    So it took eye witnesses coming forward to find out. Armstrong passed all of the drug tests, so it seems doping is still difficult to detect. If he managed to remain undetected over so long, how many other athletes in any sport manage to dope and evade detection today?
  4. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    So true!

    I don't know what the solution is. I'm not mad, I'm not protesting, I just can't see any reason to follow the sport anymore. Maybe it's an age thing? The pro sports I pay any attention to are dwindling. Pretty much football and a little auto sports (mostly F1). I was a huge baseball fan and I walked away after the last strike and never came back.
  5. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    You have to realize that that all high end athletes cheat. If you think Football players are clean it's a lie. If you think that auto sports is clean and no one takes any concentration and reaction enhancement doping you are wrong again. You might as well just quit watching and participating all/at the sports.

  6. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    Hockey goalies have a piece of equipment called a "cheater".

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