I think my Desire HD has died!Support

  1. Davedup

    Davedup Member


    The phone will not switch on today. It seems completely dead. Have taken the battery out and replaced it and only got a flash of the HTC logo on the white background before it died again.

    Have plugged it into the charger but there isn't even a light showing.

    Any ideas please?


  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

  3. Davedup

    Davedup Member

  4. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    call up HTC and replace a new one?
  5. Davedup

    Davedup Member

    Yep, called them and they have arranged to have it collected on Monday.
    Hopefully the next one will last more than 3 weeks!

    Means I need to start Angry Birds again! DoH

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