I think this is what they mean by "bricked". Help please!

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  1. shawnislost

    shawnislost Member

    Hello folks.
    So, my Motorola Droid had an unfortunate encounter with my daughter's juice this morning. When it turned back on it went from the M logo screen to:


    Battery OK
    OK to program
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

    I've been reading a few things and I've downloaded RSD lite 4.9. I also read something about needing an SDF file and didn't know where to find the proper one. My current assumption is I find the proper sdf and run it with RSD and my phone is back, assuming nothing got fried from the juice.
    Also, if this is the right way, will it wipe my phone and SD card? Any info would be greatly appreciated, not the right time to be buying a new phone for me and Verizon's customer service is atrocious. Thanks again, and a virtual beer bought for anyone that can help :)

  2. rottenpixies

    rottenpixies Well-Known Member

    If you can get into your recovery screen than you can just download and SBF file than load it through your custom recovery. Here are the Motorola Droid 1 SBF Files.

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  3. shawnislost

    shawnislost Member

    Thank you for the link. How would I go about getting to the recovery screen? Sorry, I'm not completely tech-tarded, I just don't really know anything about phones.
  4. shawnislost

    shawnislost Member

    Also, should I dl the latest version sbf file, or start with earliest?
  5. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Shawn, welcome to Android Forums :hello: I moved your thread into the Motorola Droid section so the community here can best answer your question.

    While I was moving the thread, I noticed that there is a Motorola Citrus. Perhaps that would have been a better phone to pour orange juice on. ;)

    Seriously, I hope the guys and gals here help you get the problem straightened out.
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  6. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    The latest.
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  7. trter10

    trter10 Active Member

    I should warn you, water damage forcing the phone into the bootloader is very likely a hardware issue and not a software one.
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  8. shawnislost

    shawnislost Member

    Unfortunately, I kinda figured as much. Thought I should at least try something tho. I have the .sdf, how is it I get to the recovery screen and actually use it?
  9. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    use a program called RSD Lite to flash the SBF - it will erase everything on the phone and put a brand new OS as if it was just bought. The SDCard will not be erased.

    RSD Lite can be found in my signature above.
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  10. shawnislost

    shawnislost Member

    Thank you for all the info, you have all been very kind and helpful. Sorry to get annoying, but I have no idea how any of this works. So, I open RSD and load the .sdf in the top bar. How do i get it to find my phone and do it's thing? I have the droid hooked in through usb currently.
  11. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    You need to power off the phone, then power it back on into bootloader mode. I think you are already there, but just in case, do the following.

    Power off the phone.
    Remove the USB cable.
    Open the keyboard.
    Press and hold the up on the D-pad (the edge closest to the screen)
    While holding the edge, press power button, then release.
    Release the D-pad.
    You should now see bootloader in the top left.
    Attach USB cable. You should now see USB connected (or something similar).
    Now, RSD Lite should see the phone.
    Click decompress and flash.

    Once it starts, do not disconnect the phone. It will reboot automatically on it's own.

    Couple of suggestions:

    Let the phone dry out as much as possible first.
    Make sure your battery is pretty well charged. If need be, buy a universal battery charger and charge it outside of the phone first.
    Make sure you do not power off the phone while flashing.

  12. shawnislost

    shawnislost Member

    Did all that, the phone is in bootloader, says OK to program but RSD isn't finding it... I've started pricing new phones, haha.
  13. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    That may be it. Since it was booting to the bootloader anyway, something went wrong somewhere.

    I hate that you have to moved on, but at least you have it the old college try....

    Good luck with the new phone search.
  14. shawnislost

    shawnislost Member

    Thanks. I really appreciate the help. I had to at least try :) I'm thinking Droid Incredible 4G. I can get it for 119 from Verizon. Don't know much about the current state of phones. Mine was pretty old anyway, I got it when the options were Droid or iPhone, now there's a million. Haha. Thanks again!
  15. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I am biased, but i say get the BIONIC or RAZR. I have a BIONIC, and with the ICS leaks, it is a very snappy phone. This is how the phone was meant to be!

    However, both have locked bootloaders, so theming and such is not as easy as with the DROID.

    Also, there is data to worry about. My understanding is that if you use an upgrade / subsidized price, and you have unlimited data, you lose unlimited. So, you might need to consider another avenue.

    FWIW, i have a DROID here with a few accessories....hardware is flawless, and very few cosmetic scratches around the metal surrounding the touchscreen. I always used the shell / holster combo for a case, have a DROID car dock, and a few other things....
  16. SlayersRage

    SlayersRage Well-Known Member

    Bionic is definitely the way to go, sorry to hear about the loss of your OG Droid. It's a very fun phone to mess around with

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