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I took my Droid back.

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  1. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    I returned my Droid to Verizon today.

    I just can't have a device that is so difficult to work with Exchange and/or Outlook. Google will never be a significant player in the small business market until they fix their sync software.

    I don't want to buy 3rd party apps and I don't want my information on Google. For them to advertise that this is possible and even easily done is just ridiculous.

    They lost $1000 on me today since we were going to buy these for all of our employees. There were 3 other people in the store with the exact same thing - all small business owners running exchange -- all exchanging their phones -- all who would have been multiple purchasers as they have employees -- all wasted many, many, many hours (over 40 for me not including my IT bill which will be hefty I'm sure) trying to get this working.

    It's a shame. Shame on Google.

  2. deten

    deten Member


    My G1 does exchange just fine, and from what I understand the droid is the same.

    I dont know why your having trouble with google about it.

    Now, Verizon specifically blocks exchange unless you pay an extra 15$ a month, which att doesnt do. So blame verizon.
  3. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    How do you know if that's teh problem?

    I've read on these forums that the extra money is not necessary unless you host something through Verizon. I don't really understand that so much, but it appears to me that others have used exchange without paying the extra money.
  4. Howie

    Howie Well-Known Member

  5. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    Mine is a corporate account and the firm gets the bill.

    So what does this mean?

    The Exchange account set up on the Droid and it had a blue line beside it... before it had a yellow line beside it. It said email was coming... but no email ever showed up. The contacts didn't sync either.

    Is THIS the problem?

    I went to Verizon today to see if they could troubleshoot... they didn't even try. They just said "we can't tell you anything about an exchange account." They were very not-helpful to say the least.

    Hence I just told them to give me a new phone that would work.
  6. DrDroid

    DrDroid Well-Known Member

    I think you may be in that category where you have to pay Verizon extra for that Exchange capability. Greedy bastards... :confused:
  7. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    According to the story linked above, I probably ALREADY do pay more just because we're a corporate account. That story seems to say that however much you pay...$45 or $30... simply depends on whether you're a company or an individual, and that the exchange capability is supposdly the same for both.

    I know this... I've spent WAY TOO much time trying to get it to work. Verizon could really care less whether their service works or doesn't work, and but for the coverage we would change TODAY.

    I would still love to know the fix if it exists. Just out of curiousity...
  8. DrDroid

    DrDroid Well-Known Member

    In spite of this I may have to whip up a test case on my Droid to connecting to an Exchange server.
  9. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    The stories across the internet for Exchange business using the Droid are all over the place... some say it works... some say it sometimes halfway works... some, like me, say it won't work at all.

    Either way, it sounds harldy reliable enough to trust my business on.
  10. iso100

    iso100 Member

    That's a shame. I just switched to a Droid after having 5+ different BlackBerry devices, the latest being a Storm. All do email well, and nothing else well.

    I had my corporate email set up in 4 minutes on my Droid with zero involvement from IT. The only thing I miss on the Droid is getting notifications for new email arriving in server-side subfolders. Other than that, the Droid is better in every way.
  11. DrDroid

    DrDroid Well-Known Member

    what version of exchange are you guys using, also is it configured to accept incoming connection on a different port?
  12. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    Man. I would have nothing but praise for this device if my experience mirrored yours. It's been a nightmare for me. I've poured easily 40 hours worth of investigation and work into trying to make it work.

    I wish I knew what to do... I like the phone. The call clarity is fantastic and the rest of the gizmos are cool.

    Did your contacts go in easily as well?
  13. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    When I set up the Exchange account it didn't ask for a port. My IT person claims he set it up so it should work. I'm not savvy enough to know if that's done correctly or not. I just have to trust him that he's done all he can do.

    I got it running through IMAP, but the contacts don't sync through that. Hence the effort to get the exchange sync. I MUST have my contacts. I've got a decade's worth carried over from that many years of palm to outlook use.
  14. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    i work for a major university (corporate account). exchange with activesync works fine with the basic $30 data plan. perhaps our security is not at the level of say, lockheed-martin, but we're not insecure either. granted, i had trouble with droid's built-in corporate email (wouldn't sync my calendar). i'm hoping they'll fix that soon with an update. in the meantime, touchdown works great for just a few bucks.

  15. Robobandit

    Robobandit Well-Known Member

    If your exchange server is trying to enforce a security policy like a pass-code lock, the droid will not work with it.

    The android implementation of ActiveSync is not as robust as windows mobile or the iPhone at this point.
  16. pirahna

    pirahna Well-Known Member

    I run exchange on my Droid, Windows mobile phones, and Blackberries. I have not noticed a significant difference between them. They all work great.
  17. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    So you had to use Touchdown to get it to connect to Exchange? And that gave you both contacts and email?/
  18. jazzmandar

    jazzmandar New Member

    If I may throw my 2 cents worth into the Pro Droid ante, I was a palm user for years, switched to BB, with the Storm1 being the last when I picked up the Droid on the 6th. Setup up my MS Exchange email, corporate that is
  19. siuc1996

    siuc1996 Active Member

    My experience exactly. It was as easy as could be. Worked perfectly. Ding! There is another email.

    By the way, I also just installed Touchdown and it's even better. It literally took 2 minutes to get running perfectly. Sorry you are having issues.
  20. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    We don't use certificates. I don't have a clue what that means... but that's what IT said. So is that the security concern and is that now not a potential problem here?/
  21. Puddinhead

    Puddinhead Active Member

    This is about par for the course for me... if there's a lemon... I will get it.
  22. Legacystar

    Legacystar Well-Known Member

    Yah my exchange works fine. Id say its not the phone rather your echange server
  23. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    The built-in corporate email functionality would sync my email but not my calendar. I have no idea why.

    So instead, I got Touchdown, and that successfully syncs both my calendar and email. I have not tried syncing my exchange contacts as I do not use them, but I feel fairly confident that it would work as well.

    Of course, your mileage may vary. But I think it's worth a shot, considering it's only a few dollars.
  24. CC556

    CC556 Member

    I am using my Droid with my exchange server with no issues whatsoever. Unless there's something seriously wrong I don't see how one could spend over 40 hours trying to make the Droid work with Exchange.
  25. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I did the:

    1. Outlook contacts "Export to file" (csv)
    2. "Import" csv file to Gmail account (it converts into a vCard file)
    3. Save vCard file to Droid via USB or email attachment
    4. Import contacts (vCard file) from SD card thru settings menu under "Phone"

    If you can get everything else working, and Contact import was the hold up, you may want to give it another shot if you like the phone otherwise.

    I hated the default POP3 client, and just discovered the free K-9 Mail client...worlds different.

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