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I totally give up on the Intercept - using my old MomentGeneral

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  1. nickib

    nickib Active Member

    Long-story-short, Saturday I went to a tech store 1 hr from home. I was going somewhere that was nearby this particular store so I made my appointment there. I will admit that when I walked in and gave the young guy my phone, I said that I thought it was junk, that I did not want it and that the customer svc people said they needed to run something called "slate" on it to see if it had a virus, etc. They said I had to leave it for 1/2 hr, which I did. I went back and they were rather snooty from the get-go and said there was nothing wrong with my phone, but that they would replace it as a "courtesy". Then they went on to say that oh, by the way, they didn't have any and I would have to return to the store to get my replacement. I told them to keep it, that I didn't want it and was not driving 1 hr to get another junk phone. I then called the 800# again and after much discussion decided I would reactivate my Moment on Monday - when I was near a landline. I would bet money the store did NOTHING while they had my phone just based on their attitude. Sunday morning I was on the damn thing with my best friend and boom, just totally dropped the call, but this time it said "battery disconnected." That's a new one. I ended up going into work to use the landline there and after another hour on the phone, got my Moment reactivated. I also learned that that store had already "ordered" me a replacement Instinct and it was being sent to me. At this point, I am pretty close to paying the $200 and walking away from Sprint. The only sad part is that I know all of the cell companies have the same issues. What's a girl to do . . . ?? :confused:

  2. megabiteg

    megabiteg Well-Known Member

    I understand your pain... that's why I traided it in for an epic, much better phone.
  3. nickib

    nickib Active Member

    Thanks - the jury is still out on that one . . . I have been "trying" to get them to even offer me an Epic, no dice. I am not eligible until December and I really don't want to pay a lot of $$$ simply because my experience with these two "smart" (I don't think so) phones has been lousy. We will see . . . as much as I would love to get an Epic (sigh), I suppose I will bide my time until December and see what the latest and greatest is then - and then go back for round ??? with Sprint to implore them to make things right and make this very unhappy customer a happy one again! The latest is they are sending me another Intercept. Ugh. Stay tuned . . .
  4. nilihanth

    nilihanth Active Member

    Whatever you do, don't make it sound like you really really want another of their phones. If you do they will know that you're staying a Sprint customer and won't bother trying to swoon you.
  5. nickib

    nickib Active Member

    Good point! Truth is, I DID really want another of their phones . . . . now, not so much. I will keep that in mind though, thanks for the reminder. I just heard the Revel ad this morning $35 unlimited everything to and from anywhere in the U.S. Hmmm . . .

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