I traded in my HOX for S3 and regret it!General

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  1. 3djedi

    3djedi Well-Known Member

    The phone feels like a toy in your hands compared to the one x. Don't get me wrong the S3 is a decent phone but I really feel the one x is superior. The killer for me is the display on the S3 is pretty bad. It's not nearly as bright as the one x and the clarity of small letters is MUCH better on the one x. The auto brightness features is horrid. It's always to dark. The smart stay feature (the one that keeps the screen on when you are looking at it) only works maybe 25% of the time. The tap the top of the phone to scroll back to the top of the page rarely works for me. I do like how you can play videos in a small window and do other things like surf the web at the same time. It's pretty cool.

    If any of you are thinking of making the switch and have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do what I can to answer.

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    i seen some of the reviews about the dark display. GS III does have some cool features that the One X doesn't (like video on home screen) but I rather stick with an HTC device over Sammy.
  3. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    I would have thought a lot of the SGS 3 feature would be possible on the HOX, like the video on home screen.
    Myself i would also take the HOX over the SGS 3 for the same reasons the OP mentioned.
  4. newtoandroid99

    newtoandroid99 Well-Known Member

    The SG3 has brightness settings, they can be changed to your liking to make the screen brighter ;) However, just like the one x doing so will make your battery life shorter, with the SG3 you can pop in a new battery, not so much with the HOX. I had the HOX for a month and have had the SG3 since 6/21, the SG3 has so many "WOW" features it leaves the HOX behind, the SG3 can take a picture by saying the word "shoot", call someone your texting by lifting the phone to your head, you can answer or reject calls by saying "answer" or "reject", smart stay actually works very well, the default email client allows you to click on links in emails, the alarm clock can wake you up then read you the days headlines, weather and stock prices. The cell reception quality on the SG3 is great, and there is no "Design flaw" with the antenna like there is on the HOX. The list goes on, the SG3 is the better phone, spend a few weeks with it and you will forget about HOX. :)
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  5. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    I guess it depends on the person but none of those features would interest me at all. They are cool little features no doubt but IMO it doesn't make the phone superior.
  6. newtoandroid99

    newtoandroid99 Well-Known Member

    Lol, to each there own
  7. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Those are good features but honestly I would never use them. As for antenna issues I don't have any.
    I can say this though........I bet the One X gets jelly beans before Samsung pushes it out. My main reason why I'd choose HTC over Samsung. Updates itself.
  8. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    I've got the one X, my wife has the s3... Both are great phones but I wouldn't swap, I don't need sd slot as I have 32gb and my battery lasts a day, I prefer my screen, music player and camera... Think mine looks better too. The s3 has a few features better too but nothing that makes me want one. Maybe I'll try the s4 next year.
  9. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Weird but I have no antenna issues either, always have full signal wifi, Bluetooth and 2g and 3g stuff work perfectly. I have the tegra 3 model, don't know if it's just the 4g model that has these issues.
  10. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Well-Known Member

    I think the antenna issues they are referring to is the defective models that you have to pinch the phone to get reception. I was thinking of getting the S3 but I can't seem to tear myself away from this screen! The rest of the options seem cool but nothing I'd use.... My battery life is decent enough and I never would/did carry a separate battery anyways. I'm still up in the air but after dealing with major sd card problems on a friend's phone the other day I decided no more for me.
  11. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    The US model does not share in these problems. The phone has been mostly flawless. I would purchase it again.
  12. markab

    markab Member

    Some of those features do sound interesting to me. Perhaps the HOX can\will be able to do perform these functions with one of the custom roms available?

  13. Ironclad

    Ironclad Well-Known Member

    My only irk with the HOX is the $100 lower resale prices I see. Why on earth is this great phone considered less worthy?
    Ps. Those interesting S3 features, can HTC give us software updates to copy them, or doesn't it work like that?
  14. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    The value of the SG III will drop in a few months after release.
  15. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    I remember when the HOX was out and the customs issue happened. Some of them were going for around $900 online. Resale value is all dependent on how new the phone is and the supply.
  16. gnexowner

    gnexowner Well-Known Member

    Not gonna happen.

  17. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Really. I just got back from Walmart. Samsung Galaxy 3 is $148 w/ 2 year agreement. HTC One X $158 with 2 year agreement. If u don't think the SG3 price is gonna drop your seriously wrong.
  18. Oridus

    Oridus Well-Known Member

    The multi tasking alone is enough to keep me with my Samsung. HTC really scared up multitasking on the HOX and was one of my primary reasons for selling it. There is a laundry list of things the SGIII does better for me. The only thing I still think the HOX has over the SGIII is the screen. That being said the screen on the Samsung is still really beautiful.

    Don't get more wrong, the HOX is a great phone, but in my opinion, they've still got some work to do to beat the Galaxy lineup.
  19. wrchad23

    wrchad23 Well-Known Member

    I love my One X but would probably take the S3 over it simply for the expandable memory. Locking me to 16gb memory is laughable even with a 25gb dropbox account (which I like) but I'm not going to stream my music everytime and not to mention AT&T is just downright ridiculously, inexcusably horrible in Denver.
  20. coos lick

    coos lick Well-Known Member


    Rundown of best phones of the year so far by Wired. Guess who came on top ;)
  21. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Well-Known Member

    I'm leaning this way too just because Im stuck with the phone for 2 years.... data always seem to increase and not decrease in file size.

    The one thing that is really bothering me is my device is starting to get really hot when trying to use any of the antennas like gps or 3g. I just don't like any electronics to get hot... it decreases the life span. Although the S3 might have the same problem?
  22. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Not that I care but I didn't see the iphony
  23. Jammin72

    Jammin72 Member

    Yeah... dropbox is telling me no 25gb account with AT&T. :(

    I was actually hip to that. Still the only reason I would need more storage is for music and photos and with all the various streaming and upload setups along with LTE, it's really a non issue.

    I've been quite pleased that the HOX switches between Microcell, WiFi, and LTE virtually seamlessly. Something my iPhone 4 never handled correctly.
  24. earful

    earful Well-Known Member

    @3djedi: does the s3 work with bluetooth voice dialing/voice commands? that is the one feature that might push me to trade the one x for an s3 - and i don't even make that many calls. it's just annoying that something that basic - in the age of hands free driving - would not work on the one x.
  25. pearlbrian

    pearlbrian Active Member

    Biggest advantage of the S3, in my opinion, is that Samsung has already released the source code. Development support on the One X is already drying up over on XDA because HTC still hasn't released it (for whatever reason). This situation is going to greatly impact my future cell phone purchases. Between this and the multitasking, I really wish I would have waited for the S3...

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