I used my gmail acct. on friend's phone to DL app from playstore now my contacts are on his phone :(Support

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  1. Whoodah Thunkit

    Whoodah Thunkit Active Member

    my friend wanted me to put some files from my computer on his phone so he dropped it off and will pick it up later.

    but i had to install an app and he didn't have an account set up when i went to the play store so i logged on with my account. well, now it synced my contacts on his phone along with his contacts! :(

    i'm hoping there is a simple way to maybe "unsync" the contacts that were just synced to his phone. :confused:

    can anyone help me?


  2. msndrstood

    msndrstood Active Member

    Is your gmail account listed under 'accounts'? I would check to make sure and delete it first and foremost. I' m not sure if there is a way to undo the contacts other than deleting them one by one. Hopefully someone will come along with a solution for you, good luck!

    Addendum: I'd check his emails too to make sure they aren't on there as well.
  3. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    I don't know for SURE, but I suspect the only way to get 'your' data off his phone is by doing a factory reset. Or, as msndrstood suggested, deleting things one by one. Either way, you're looking at spending some time to get things cleaned up.

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