I want streaming\gingerbread too!

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    I bought my LG Optimus S about a month or two ago, did not know a thing about android. Since then I have rooted my phone and learned enough to know that gingerbread wont happen soon, if ever. I am very adept in windows 7 and earlier. I need to know if someone has : loaded a working version of 2.3?(on LG Optimus S) ,will it run flash player 10.2?(I was told that 2.2 would!). My cpu speed is 600mhz I have seen some LG Optimus S that had over clocked to 824mhz, what is it a trade secret? I downed "set cpu, superuser, rom manager, etc,..." cant get it to go faster than 600mhz,


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