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  1. Vamp9190

    Vamp9190 Member

    My Lock Screen disappears (screen powers off and goes dark) after only 4 seconds....but I want it to stay on so I can see the time and the background.

    This is when I am not charging it, just when it's sitting on the desk. Once it goes dark I have to press the power button to see it again, but it again disappears after only a few seconds. Also, I do NOT have a lock password set.

    Yes I DO have the Screen Timeout set for 10 minutes (Settings > Display > Screen Timeout) and I do not have Power Saving mode enabled. Just in case I also set 'Settings > Power saving mode > Screen Timeout' to 10 min. as well. Oh and I also set 'Settings > Display > Touch key light duration' to Always on.

    Nothing has made a difference, this is driving me nuts.

    Any ideas?

  2. Vamp9190

    Vamp9190 Member

    Let me just confirm that everyone's Skyrocket does the same thing....so your Lock Screen fades after 5 seconds too if you do not swipe it to go to the home page, correct?

    OK I figured this out....the DEFAULT is 5 seconds. I just got off of Live Chat with Samsung.

    Visitor: Ok it's set....now I will press the power button
    Visitor: It just did the same thing
    Visitor: I pressed power, the Lock Screen appears....I put the phone down.....the Lock Screen fades to black after 4 seconds
    Alfred: Please swype to unlock the screen and check if it stays on without locking itself for 10 minutes.
    Visitor: Yes, but that is not what my problem is
    Visitor: I want the Lock Screen to stay on.....so I can see it and see the time
    Visitor: So do I have to set it for 15 seconds, swipe it, and then it will turn back on after 15 seconds, and STAY on until I swipe again?
    Alfred: I am sorry for the confusion. I would like to inform you that it is normal function of the phone. Unfortunately there is no option to change the setting and increase the blank OFF time.
    Visitor: Then what good is the lock screen?
    Visitor: I want to see the time and background....not have a black screen
    Alfred: I would like to inform you that Screen time out is the time in which the screen remains or stays unlocked.
    Visitor: But it is not remaining.....no matter what I have it set to, the Lock Screen fades to black after 4 seconds
    Visitor: What is the point of a Lock Screen that you only see for 4 seconds?
    Alfred: I suggest you please check if there are any applications available in Android market.
    Visitor: ?
    Alfred: I mean the applications that can allow the phone to see time even locked.
    Visitor: So let me make sure I understand....what is the DEFAULT time that the Lock Screen stays VISIBLE after you press the power button, but BEFORE you swipe the Lock Screen to enter the home screen of the phone?
    Alfred: It is 4 seconds as you mentioned.
    Visitor: How do you know that, is it in the manual or written somewhere?
    Alfred: I understand your concern. There is no setting on the phone to increase or decrease the lock screen time.
    Alfred: I have checked the details from our end.

    Visitor: And there is NO WAY to change that default setting?
    Alfred: Unfortunately, there is no option to change this default feature. I would have surely provided you the information if there are any settings available.

    So when you Power On and then swipe the Lock Screen to get to the Home Page....the 'Screen Timeout' setting is how long the phone takes to go back to the Lock Screen, not how long the Lock Screen stays visible.

    Seems so weird that the Default is 5 seconds for the Lock Screen to stay on, then it just fades to black. What is the point of having a cool Lock Screen with a wallpaper and a clock if you can only see it for 5 Seconds???

    Does anyone know of an App that lets you keep the Lock Screen (and the Time) visible without disappearing after only 5 Seconds?
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    No but there are dozens of desktop apps that allow you to display a dimmed screen with the time and a custom background pic

    The stuff some people pick apart simply amazes me lol.

    The lock screen serves 1 purpose...to unlock the phone. Only recently did they add customizable image option and time has been there for convenience

    What you are referring to wanting would be a "desk mode" ...not a lock screen
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  4. Vamp9190

    Vamp9190 Member

    Why would people NOT want at least the option to have the Lock screen stay lit and viewable instead of fading away after only 5 seconds? How hard is it for Samsung to add options for 5,10,30 seconds, 1,5,10 min and never?

    That was my other question, does the Lock Screen disappear that quickly on all Android phones, or only the GS2SR? If yes, then I am not sure why people are customizing a screen with all kinds of wallpapers & widgets if it only displays for 5 seconds, lol.
  5. buffaloparty

    buffaloparty Active Member

    This is not a Samsung related issue. It is a core part of the Android Operating System. Its a lock screen, There would be no point in any kind of setting options.

    Here's why...

    Say you could change the timeout and have it set to 10 minutes. That's great when your sitting in your cozy cubicle or whatever. What happens every time you're not at the office? Say you get off the phone and go to put it in your pocket, now it will be about 10 minutes before your screen will shut off. Think about all the times your phone would be on when not needed. most people would possibly check there phone every ten minutes or so. So it would always be on!

    Or maybe they could release an update that would allow you to have multiple lock screens. Like different tiers. I think 3 tiers would be ideal. Then each tier could have a different timeout! And you could like hit different button combinations to get to different levels! And each lock screen would be customizable with different widgets and icons! And you could launch apps, view texts and make phone calls all without unlocking your phone!!!! I might see if anyone over at xda can start working on this rom!
  6. jpark8

    jpark8 Active Member

    what are the apps that does this function??
  7. Wheel bolt

    Wheel bolt New Member

    I have a Huawei U8850 (Android 2.3). If I push the Power button and then touch the clock on the screen, the screen is ON for the same time as set to timeout. I use Executive Assistant (adware) to see my calendar etc in locked screen. Maybe this app has something to do with that?
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  8. rival879

    rival879 New Member

    I would also like this functionality. I have a table of fault codes for work that I made into a lock screen wallpaper so I can quickly reference it when I'm away from my desk. It worked great on the jailbroke iPhone 3G I had because I could adjust the lock screen backlight timeout.

    I did stumble upon a glitch that seems to be working so far. I have SNesoid, and if it's running and open when I lock the phone, the lock screen backlight stays on significantly longer; long after the soft keys dim. I have it open and running, tap the power button to lock the phone, and tap it again to turn on the lock screen backlight. If I want to turn it off, I just tap the power button again and it goes dark. If I'm worried that I'll bump it in my pocket, I close the emulator and functionality returns to normal.

    Keep in mind, however, that this is probably murder for battery life. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, but it might work for you.
  9. mmiller2002

    mmiller2002 Well-Known Member

    There's an app called Nite Clock that displays a digital clock all the time. Of course it uses more battery that way.
  10. ecdouglas

    ecdouglas New Member

    I just got S3 a week ago - and I have a widget/function/whatever that shows Headline News in a ticker across the bottom of the Lock Screen. So I can see 4 seconds of the ticker before it goes to black! I was wondering how to extend the illumination period and found this one thread. Thank you for researching this for me - I'd have spend a long time trying to get to the bottom of this! I believe this is called Unintelligent Design.
  11. awed1

    awed1 New Member

    I'm a little slower that most. The lock screen disappears too quickly. It is like gone before I fully recognize what it is and how I should respond. SO, let's say that there should be the option to extend the trivial 5 seconds to something a little longer for people with disabilities like mine. Why shouldn't they make the lock screen more accessible for those who want or need it? Do you complain every time you see a blue parking space and wish we just didn't exist any more? Also, maybe 9190 wants to have the lock screen on because it keeps his device locked but still wants to see it lit up and view his lock screen desktop. What is so wrong with that? The android and Lollipop should allow for individual needs and preferences. If anyone ever figures out how to fix this problem, please let me know. Thanks, B. (Bill)
  12. slowbe

    slowbe New Member

    I was wondering about this while tinkering with my new samsung galaxy s6. I read all the responses and saw there was no answer, then I figured it out! The screen goes off quickly only if you're not touching it. If you put your finger on the screen it will stay on as long as your finger remains on the screen.
  13. Texas Jon

    Texas Jon New Member

    I think if you do a little app searching you will find some clock apps that will not allow the phone to go back to sleep on demand. They are us ally designed to be used with a phone that is charging on a nightstand as an alarm clock for the obvious reason that the battery would drain much faster if you walked around with a wide awake phone.

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