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I want to root (and maybe flash a ROM on) my phone, what should I NOT do?

  1. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    There are wonderful guides here that will tell you what to do, but none that tell you what NOT to do. There is plenty of good help to be found here when you brick your phone, but wouldn't it be better not to need the help in the first place?

    1. DON'T assume your phone has the right hardware for the files you want to flash. There are different screens, and therefore different recoveries for our phone. Read this: http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-all-things-root/430626-different-gen-phones.html#post3336732

    2. DON'T assume your files are all meant to be flashed together. Check file versions.


    4. DON'T begin until you have all the resources you will need. This includes downloaded files (with correct instructions), a PC (or some other way of getting online), charger, sd card, etc.

    5. DON'T pick your ROM based on how it "looks", with root access you can make any ROM look however you want. Each ROM has it's own performance characteristics and quirks. If said quirks involve hardware, make sure that there IS a solution before attempting.

    6. DON'T combine steps from different guides. Each guide was written to be followed in order. Some methods may have you perform steps in different orders. It matters! Pick one guide and stick to it.

    7. DON'T assume you'll remember the directions, where you downloaded that file, or what that bit of code you were supposed to type. Make bookmarks, print things out, write things down. It will be much easier to have a handy reference when you're in the middle of "operating" on your phone.

    Being prepared will save you SO much headache down the road, it's well worth the effort.

  2. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    A few more:

    Don't forget to backup, 5 minutes now saves hours later.

    Don't use Reset to Factory Defaults while booted once you are rooted, only in a custom recovery.

    Don't restore system data or apps when restoring backed-up apps after a ROM install.

    Don't attempt to flash a ROM built for another phone.

    Don't forget to put your pants on before you go out. ;)
  3. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    And that is exactly the kind of response I was hoping to elicit.
  4. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Do not use ROM Manager if you don't know what your doing. Guessing will only brick your phone, or at best mess it up real good. You probably have the wrong screen and drivers to be flashing the recovery anyhow.

    WARNING : The ROM'S in ROM Manager are not approved to be there by the devs of said ROM'S. They were put there by third party's who could have imbedded a virus.
    ROM Manager can not wipe and format everything necessary to insure a clean install of the IHO ROM's and will leave residual data that will corrupt the ROM and eventually lead to a lot of hair pulling and gnashing off teeth.
    They will cause a black screen on 2.2.2 phones with the Hitachi screen.


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