i want to root the new samsung tab 2

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  1. TONY6669

    TONY6669 Member

    I got this tablet today and was wondering if anyone has been able to root it ?? it is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 8gb wi-fi model# GT-P3113 running ICS 4.0.3 any help rooting this would be great thanks

  2. BlackGravity

    BlackGravity Well-Known Member

    i preordered mine a few days ago,i really wanted the kendal.. but on the same page i seen the SGT2 and for 50 bucks more.. it was a no brainer.. so i hope to see a root for this.
  3. antmon

    antmon Well-Known Member

    i have pre-ordered too! much better deal than a Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire...in my opinion...

    btw, how did you get it already? BestBuy and Office Depot said Sunday availability...
  4. TONY6669

    TONY6669 Member

    i have a buddy that works for samsung warehouse they have been shipping out for a month he gets a chance to buy stuff before it hits the stores...i think HHGregg has them already...
  5. antmon

    antmon Well-Known Member

    ahh, nice nice...

    how is it so far? i read all positive reviews on it except the screen is not like the iPad....yea, also half the price of it too....

    any issues with color, grainy, etc? on the youtube vid reviews it looks perfectly fine to me...
  6. ALD3

    ALD3 Member

    The P3113 is Very good for the price. Everything works well, I also have the Galaxy Tab P6210 so can compare. The only difference in the two is besides P6210 having 16gig and P3113 8gig is there seems to be a little less quality in the camera. JMO but P3113 camera pictures seem a little grainy. For the cost it is excellent.
  7. ALD3

    ALD3 Member

    Just wish there was a root for the Galaxy Tab 2 P3113, not for a custom Rom as ICS comes on it but so I could use some root apps. Grabbed mine from hhgregg with a special of $240 including tax and shipping. See now they won't have any till 4/22 @ regal price of $249 plus tax.And
  8. antmon

    antmon Well-Known Member

    thanks for info... was just curious of the screen quality, but i'm sure it's pleanty good :)
  9. ALD3

    ALD3 Member

    Yes the screen quality is very good, I can not tell any difference between it and the Galaxy Tab 7+
  10. PerfectReign

    PerfectReign Well-Known Member

    Adding my bit also -

    My shipment just arrived last night. Great little device - except for the STUPID NON-STANDARD POWER PORT. (Sorry, couldn't resist. I almost shipped it back since there's a proprietary Samsung port and not a USB port.)

    Anyway, great device. I synced with Google and now have Titanium bacup as well as root user, copied over from my Galaxy SII (rooted) phone. Now to root this puppy.

    Thanks in advance to the genius who figures out how to root this.
  11. shellz786

    shellz786 Member

    How is the GPS? I tested mine. It seemed to work initially when I started from home. However when I entered a new destination from where there was no wireless connection, it lost connection. I am wondering if this is a stand alone GPS. So far the tablet seems to work okay. The screen is fairly good, not outstanding though. The speed is pretty good.
  12. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    Inside my apartment saw 16 sats, connected to 15.
  13. BlackGravity

    BlackGravity Well-Known Member

    GPS for me worked good right out of the box
  14. LukeOlson

    LukeOlson Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried this particular method to root the Tab 2 7.0? Apparently it works on the Tab 8.9 and Tab 7.0 Plus, so I think it may work.

    (Mine is coming on Monday, so I can try it then, but I wanted to see if anyone else was feeling adventurous...)
  15. TONY6669

    TONY6669 Member

  16. TONY6669

    TONY6669 Member

  17. vijaykhai

    vijaykhai Member

    I installed Navfree USA with California maps, and at least with few limited runs, I have been able to use the device without any Wifi support. - but I must confess I am yet to try a new dest. midway.

    Hope this helps for now.

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