I want to throw this phone through a window.Support

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  1. irondevil51

    irondevil51 New Member

    I'm a very patient person, but I've had about enough with this phone. The messaging sucks, i will text someone and they wont even get it, and they text me and I dont get it. and it wont notify me when i receive massages. My friend who works for verizon told me to take it off of LTE but its still doing the same thing, if not worse. I dont know what to do.

  2. speedtrap63

    speedtrap63 Active Member

    I was in your position 6 months ago. Revo was a serious disappointment and a flop with developers as well, so unfortunately you may just have to suck it up and move on if you can.

    Luckily I still had my previous phone, so I just reactivated my Dinc and haven't looked back since. The only downside is I burned an upgrade on the POS Revo, so now I have to wait for Jan 13 to get my next one. I may buy a phone off contract though if one comes up before then that I can't resist.
  3. mineolasmitty

    mineolasmitty Active Member

    Today I put my Revo in storage and activated a brand new Razor Maxx. Love this phone. Hated the Revo. What a waste of money.
  4. rockandrollac

    rockandrollac Well-Known Member

    Isn't it weird how some people will have all kinds of problems and some don't. Mine has been working great since i got it awhile back. no problems with receiving or sending text.. Been working real great lately sending pictures by text and to facebook. Only problem I've had is the battery, but i think that world wide...lol
  5. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    Kinda glad for your post, as I've been expecting my (unrooted) Revo to have the problems described by so many others.

    Main functioning problems:
    1. Stalling during boot: This happens whenever I don't give it enough time to boot up, and touch the screen or buttons "too early". Now I wait at least 10 minutes.
    2. Stalled phone when using GPS for a while. Don't know why as of yet. Now I also travel with my stand-alone GPS, with its outdated maps and lack of live traffic. Not nice being in an unknown area and having your GPS tank.
    3. Lag, lag, lag. The vaunted Android OS memory management doesn't work well for me. The phone can go down as low as 45MB of unfree'd memory. Solution: Task killer or memory freeing (got tired of selectively killing processes). Secondary solution: remove widgets. Tertiary solution: remove apps.
    4. (User error, but scariest) Too many apps in internal storage: Symptom was a reboot cycle after about 2 minutes of use. Fixed without hard reset, but lots of patience in deleting one app per reset until I recovered enough internal storage.

    I swap out batteries just about daily, so those frequent reboots also help. Gotten used to the extended battery's size, for the tradeoff in runtime.
  6. mineolasmitty

    mineolasmitty Active Member

    Give that POS up and get a Razr Maxx This phone is fantastic with great battery life.
  7. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    I wish. $650 now. And then when I'm eligible for a discount in 2013, it's my understanding that with the new tiered data plans, the only way to keep my Verizon Unlimited Data grandfathered plan is to buy at full retail from VZW, i.e., still $650. So I'll limp along and see what develops.
  8. rockandrollac

    rockandrollac Well-Known Member

    "the only way to keep my Verizon Unlimited Data grandfathered plan is to buy at full retail from VZW, i.e., still $650. So I'll limp along and see what develops"

    I just talked to them the other day on another issue. I was asked at the end what i thought of there service. I told her what i heard on TV and how displeased i was. she told me this is for new planes only. If you have a unlimited plan your fine
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  9. rybud01

    rybud01 New Member

    That's not true now! I have been fighting with verizon for a while now. I found out from them a few weeks ago as soon as you do any vzw sanctioned upgrade you will loose your unlimited plan. the one and only way to keep it is to not get rid of your phone or buy one from somewhere else or pay full retail... i have heard that form every cs person i talked to, and they all told me the same thing... that they were told the same thing and they all go lied to as well... nice right!
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