I want to uninstall Google + and viewSence 3D from ViewPhone 3Support

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  1. bluffmaster79

    bluffmaster79 New Member

    I bought ViewPhone 3 few days back. i want to uninstall some default applications from it. How can i uninstall?

  2. mlrkumar

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  4. mlrkumar

    mlrkumar Member

    For that ,You Need to run in Elipse Android Emulator,Command in "c "programing and java also.Getting Root access is like breaking into Linux administrtor.Myself working on it and Let you know.Finding vulnerability in 2.3.7 is bit tuf(whatever bugs/holes are in previous versions are being fixed in 2.3.7) and working on particular device is another step too.I want you to try gingerbreak1.20.apk.Install gingerbreak in the device and run Root device . Download :


    If Works ,It will restart the device after some time. Else Uninstall It.


    Thanks Kumar..
    I will give a try and let you know
  6. bluffmaster79

    bluffmaster79 New Member

  7. mlrkumar

    mlrkumar Member

    Install Java JDK

    Java SE Development Kit 7u3 Downloads

    Install Elipse

    Eclipse Downloads

    For rooting I will tell you:
    1) Download SUT LR


    2) Download New Android Firmware for viewsonic with rooted.


    ( after downloading Extract it)

    3) Install SUT LR in XP and Connect Mobile to PC(make sure usb debugging is ticked in the mobile).

    4) Open SUT LR and Click Next-> Select the firmware.nb0 (options Leave "none" Next--> It will take some time Click -> Finish.

    5) It Will automatically reboot the device.

    6) Install Root Explorer.apk (download it from 4shared.com)

    7) Open and goto system/app

    8) click options select the app and delete.( but be careful before deleting ,if some appications are dependence ,It may crash , So Take a backup with root explorer and delete.
    9) Only Drawback is can 't have multiple Ringtone for both sim card.
    10) It Works Fine .
  8. yajkram24

    yajkram24 Member

    i got error when installing the firmware. my screen got exclamation point w/ android image.
  9. mlrkumar

    mlrkumar Member

    There was Problem with the device ,while installing viewphone3 from SUT LR,It will restart the device and goes to recovery mode ,Starts Installing.Sometimes after restart the device ,it will go to recovery mode.Never installs it.Press home Button.you get recovery mode menu.what you do is :reboot normal

    Open SUL TR and select the firmware ->( manual restart the device and when you get viewsonic logo.your system will popup) .device connected then click next..It works

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