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I want to update my phone.Support


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  1. Sulaman.

    Sulaman. New Member

    I've read a lot of the threads, and they talk about scrolling down in "about phone" and clicking 'system updates' but i cant seem to find system updates anywhere, im not sure what's going on, if anyones willing to explain please help. ):

    LG phoenix. my carrier is rogers btw.

  2. Johna12

    Johna12 New Member

  3. alicialovely

    alicialovely New Member

    Once you scroll down to About Phone, click that, the first option is Software Update, click "Update Software" and it will check for new available software updates if there are any. The process will take awhile because it has to connect to the server. Once new updates are found, it will install them and a reboot your phone, during this process, do not try to make any calls, text or go on the web, it will hinder the process. Once your updates are installed and rebooted, your phone is ready to be used.
    I hope this information helpful. :)

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