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I wish I knew 1/4 of........General

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  1. Zik43

    Zik43 Member

    .....what most of you do about your phone. How did you learn so much?

    Just got a Optimus C. 2 days ago. First time with anything other than my cheap tracphone.

    There are allot of apps on this phone I want to remove, mostly because Im assuming they are taking memory, and reducing battery life, slowing performance, and I just dont like looking at things I dont like/use.

    I admit Im afraid of rooting. Can I disable the junk Im not using thus helping out my battery life? I assume it still takes up space, even though disabled..correct?

    Do the task killer apps work good? To kill/hide things Im not using such as twitter, facebook, maps, latitude, uno, block breaker, caculator, and more?

    What about bloat freezer? Id love to freeze that junk and hide them w/o rooting my phone. Im a little worried about rooting...AntTek maybe?

  2. Zik43

    Zik43 Member

    Well now...

    After much reading and research, I have decided to leave my phone unrooted....for now.

    I have found a simple way to root the phone via gingerbreak app, however it's after the phone is rooted that I dont feel like messing with.

    Im not sure I have the time to get into so much learning and fooling around with things I really dont have the desire to. I get a feeling rooting my phone means I will be dedicating myself to hours of reading, learning, frustration and ultimately probably asking for help...

    Nope, not me. Being a noob I thought if I didnt root my phone, I was somehow missing something. Like my phone was behind everyone elses. Think Im going to quit worrying about what my phone "can't" do, and learn more about what it "can" do..

    If I run into memory or space problems down the road, I will take another look into rooting. For now...Im cool. :cool:

    COSMAANN New Member

    I agree with you... let me know when you find the book Optimus for Dummies....
  4. Jesus359

    Jesus359 Well-Known Member

    Titanium Back Up can freeze and unistall your unwanted apps. it is not that hard to use. just click on the app you dont want and it will give you the options without endangering your phone.
  5. uglydude21

    uglydude21 Well-Known Member

    You cant remove apps unless you are su (super user) giving you access to blocked things in your phone rooting does nothing that can damage your phones it is the things you let your phone do when you root so choose applications wisely if you root you can make a nandroid(backup) so if your phone screws up you can restore settings
  6. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    +1^ If rooted you must install a custom recovery. The stock recovery does not allow you to make a backup of your system (nandroid). In order to do this you must first install a custom flash_image.

    If you are rooted you can not use the "Factory reset" from the privacy setting, It might brick your phone.

    With a custom recovery and a nandroid backup made with that recovery you can get yourself out of any mistake you have made just by restoring your backup. As long as you can get into your custom recovery your always OK.

    For more info look in the "All Things Root" sub-forum
  7. uglydude21

    uglydude21 Well-Known Member

    yea using google you can learn stuff about your phone

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