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  1. navallone4

    navallone4 New Member

    All of my apps are coming up saying Sorry! The application has stopped unexpectedly. Please Try again. Force close... All widgets are saying Problem loading widget. Is there a way to save apps to sd card instead of phone? I am also getting message saying Low on space- Phone storage space is getting low. When all this started happening call of my contacts disappeared as well. Phone also reboots at random now. Somebody please help me!!!!:confused:

  2. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    If the phone is getting low on memory that could cause the other problems. My Samsung Moment would slowly eat its memory and then have problems like that. Only fix was to do a hard reset and reload all apps. My i1 has not done that yet, but I do not have many apps or widgets loaded, since it is my second phone used mostly for PTT
  3. rossholly

    rossholly Member

    I too have lost function of all downloaded apps. My understanding is that Google is no longer supporting Android 1.5. I swapped for a new i1 yesterday as my original unit started doing power cycling random reboots making the phone unusable. I tried it "stock" (rbe.03.00.00) and then with the two ota updates. No difference. This unit is provided by my employer as we are a large scale Nextel user and this is what we have to work with. I am looking forward to when Sprint shuts down the iDen network and we get new units with the current Android OS.

    My personal CP is the HTC Rezound. Excellent device, something the i1 can only dream of becoming.
  4. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    We switched over to the new Motorola Admiral when they came out in late Oct and that seems to be a nice phone. Up to date OS 2.3 and ptt works good also. Did have a problem with one of the phones we got, ptt would not work after returning from roam, made them replace it now they all work good.
  5. rossholly

    rossholly Member

    Looks like Google reconsidered. I have my previous apps back and I have been able to d/l new ones. Looks like we missed the bullet on this one. I am sure 1.5's days are numbered, though.

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