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  1. dp32185

    dp32185 New Member

    I've been playing, reading online, and playing again with the phone, but there are several features that I cannot seem to address at this point. The functionality of the phone itself is quite similar to my iPhone, but not quite.

    The phone dims after 30 seconds and the most delay before it dims is 2 minutes. Is there a way to bypass this and say never dim? I would like to keep my browser opened and dim out the phone whenever I want by locking it.

    The YouTube app isn't available for the BoostMobile i1 yet, or is it? I'm using an app called the VideoBox to watch videos etc.

    The Dolphin web browser doesn't seem to work for this phone...anyone else having this problem?

    and lastly, when trying to set one of my pictures as a wallpaper, it asks to crop, but it doesn't auto re-size the picture to fit the screen like my iPhone. Is there an app that'll resize the pictures to fit without sacrificing resolution too much?

    help? :D

  2. nerdgang

    nerdgang Member

    as far as Dolphin HD it should work on wifi but you have to remember the i1 isn't 3G capable
  3. dp32185

    dp32185 New Member

    Dolphin browser keeps crashing. I get this message everytime I try to open it:

    "sorry! the application dolphin browser (process com.mgeek.android.dolphinbrowser. browser) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again."

    yes, it's a bummer that the new i1 isn't on a 3G network. it's too bad I can't watch videos or surf the web without wifi, but at least I get emails to push through even without wifi.
  4. HendyZero20

    HendyZero20 Active Member

    what about 2.1? will it ever get that??
  5. brandonjp

    brandonjp Member

    I'm hoping for the same thing... but in all my research so far, I've found most sources say the answer is "no" because of how the 1.5 OS has been modified to work with the PTT hardware. I, personally, don't use the PTT/walkie-talkie feature AT ALL... so I've wondered if it would be possible to upgrade eventually, even if it breaks PTT functions.

    These are just two sources that say the same thing... but in all my googling, I can't find any hard evidence either way regarding an official Boost Mobile update to the OS, but I'm hoping someone will figure out the root and an i1 rom for at least 2.1.

    Here's the unverified info I've found so far:
  6. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Member

    I've seen some apps have the option to do this while they're running.

    I've been using the Gimp on my netbook, just to pad to 4:3... it wants a 4:3 picture (or a 4:3 portion of a picture with a different aspect ratio) of which only the middle half (?) is shown, until you swipe left or right. The actual resolution doesn't seem to matter (or at least, it will take up to 1024x768, the largest I've tried so far), except for the warning it gives on smaller pics. It takes BMPs as well as JPGs, so I was able to pad a smaller image without losing quality.
  7. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    Dolphin doesn't work on wifi because of an issue on Motorola's end I read somewhere they are planning on an update by September that should resolve the issue.

    As far as the enabling the screen to stay on until you want it off while on idle I think the longest you can go is 2 minutes =<

    main screen> settings> sound&display> scroll down to screen timeout and set to 2minutes. About as good as it gets unless you find an app that will disable sleep mode on phone.

    edited 7/21/2010 4:03 pm by ME!
    I found another way to keep screen on says it only works while charging though

    settings> applications> development> stay awake

    just thought I would share that info.
  8. AirSTEPH1967

    AirSTEPH1967 Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that if you have a weather widget or something eles running on home screen, no one can DC/PTT with you. I read somewhere you get a "busy in data".
  9. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    I am not totally sure on that I know you can mutli task. For example run mp3s while using tikl PTT or talk to someone via phone call on speakerphone while texting them or someone else at same time. Runs more then one app at a time.
    So I dont see why running an app would affect the PTT/DC unless it has something to do with iDENs PTT network.
    But I will test this later and get back to you.

    Okay tested that out and seems to work fine. Had like three apps running. Weather channel widget and my two emails.
  10. AirSTEPH1967

    AirSTEPH1967 Member

    Thanks, thats good news, now I'll just have to wait for the release on Telus this fall.:(
    Forgot to mention, iiTTTGii make sure that its the other person trying to reach you through
    PPT, while you have the widget's running.So have a friend page you and he/she should see "busy in data". Apparently these widgets take alot of data which makes it almost impossible for someone to page you with DC/PTT...so i heard
  11. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    That is what I did he contacted me via PTT then I answered him all while apps and widget were open doesnt affect PPT at all. Glad I could help
  12. Coliseu

    Coliseu New Member

    but the android is an open source system, if the motorola release the APIs PTT can write apps to version 2.1 or not?
  13. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    Open source system is can say yes. After that you
    lost me I am nowhere near a developer. Just a iDEN user thats trying to get more familiar with i1 and the android OS
  14. Nhty

    Nhty Active Member

    i own the motorola I1 and it is an alright phone. now i have read on many sites that android 1.5 is the cupcake edition to the android family and that motorola will be releasing updates for the phone in the next year. any news what update it will go to is not be announced. as to address the ppt issue. i can run any app on my i1 and do not have any problems with it when it comes to ppt. it simply moves the app to the back and you can PPT. HOWEVER if i am in the market place it will mess up the PPT. just like any other iDEN phone.

    With iDEN getting so much rath about the non 3g network i love it. i can surf the net while not in wifi, may take a bit longer but its not terrible.

    My notes/problems with the I1
    Gameboid, (a game boy advanced emulator) will not work on my phone. i load in a game and it goes the the loading say gameboy advanced then shows the developers info and a freeze. this somethimes gives my phone really bad problems.

    And charging the phone is a pain in the ass if you are trying to do so via usb cord to computer. it takes me forever to charge and i dont really even wait.

    Other than that a phone like this for iDEN is Genus.
  15. AirSTEPH1967

    AirSTEPH1967 Member

    Sounds great can't wait to get rid of the 8350i, only problem is us Canadians have to wait till fall :(
  16. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Member

    I've noticed sometimes that the "Charging" text doesn't even come up when I connect it to my computer. (In fact, I'm not sure it ever does.) Worse, I got the same lack of "Charging" when I tired to connect it to my combo wall-socket/car-socket dual USB charger.
  17. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    Yeah I sold my i465 without charger the other day and I'm glad I kept it because its the only charger I use on my i1 didn't really like the looks of the stock charger. =/

    Just one more reason Motorola owes its users/customers an update for the i1.
  18. Eddy120876

    Eddy120876 Well-Known Member

    Same here the BB curve sucks...the sad part is that Metro PC has a better BB then Boost but the i1 is very nice :)
  19. Nhty

    Nhty Active Member

    boost blackberry is a P.O.S. I used a blackberry for a while but i got one from nextel and had it hooked with boost. same berry phone but nextel's has PPT (2 way)
  20. outoflove

    outoflove New Member

    I just try what you recommended and it work. Thanks.
    But I am still having a hard time getting apps; even with Wi-Fi is very slow to install them.thanks again... this issue was bothering myself a lot.

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