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  1. JRRacing

    JRRacing New Member

    As an Ex-I1'r I want the EOM stock dialer for my HTC evo.

    Any smart guys out there know how to make this happen?

    The EVO dialer blows wind. I know that my buddies 2.2 dell streak looks just like the I1 as far as dialer and most other stuff. So as an android operating system I am sure it is possible.


    Android Junior pissboy


  2. edubble79

    edubble79 Active Member

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you but I felt obligated to tell people about the "acontacts" app and how cool it is for the i1. The contacts screen in acontacts allows you to see the contact pics associated from fb or whatever u use to sync pics where as stock dialer only previews favorites pics. The only problem I have found with acontacts is the dialer does not recognize ptt contacts and does nothing when the ptt button is pushed when displaying particular contacts. This can be frustrating to users who use ptt alot. I just work around it and click ptt button then choose ptt contacts from group connect list.

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