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  1. rcw3023

    rcw3023 New Member

    how can unlock the i1 phone from nextel to boost or any other network

  2. Nhty

    Nhty Active Member

    doesnt work that way, even tho it uses a sim card it will only work for iden networks, you can root it and go from there but you cant make it work for
  3. BOBBYVEE007

    BOBBYVEE007 New Member

    i went from a boost i1 to nextel i1 no problem just swap the sim card and your ready to go you need to get a boost sim starter kit 10.00 on e bay
  4. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering this too. My mom bought one unknowing that it was from a nextel and shes got boost mobile. I read a while ago about people taking nextel blackberrys and putting them on boost mobile, and it was simple. So if I take it and root it, will it work?? My mom has the krzr thing from boost with no sim card.
  5. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    you dont need to root, just putting in the other SIM will work with no problems

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