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  1. cesartefacto

    cesartefacto New Member

    Hi respected members, i received a motorla i1 from boost , this ask me for subsidy password, i reset subsidy with iden CNS 6.33, then test with sim card nextel and show in the screen : NEXTEL but the icon of network show a circle with a line ( not network) and cant make calls.
    Put a simcard GSM ( claro ) and show the signal ( full bars) but cant make calls, show: not registered network
    Try change the imei and the result is the same
    Finally y verify with *#06# and in settings about info the phone only have 14 digits IMEI, is this right?
    Try update by sd card but the phone show: software is up to date.
    Some boy know how fix this? Thanks alot

  2. osterman

    osterman New Member

    i got the same problem please i need help

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