i1 Touchscreen sometimes wont respond to stretch to unlockSupport

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  1. bobbothegrayson

    bobbothegrayson New Member

    My i1 randomly will not recognize when i touch it to stretch to unlock. It usually only happens when I turn on the phone and have new notifications, or sometimes if its locked and i get a new email or sms/mms. I've tried factory resets multiple times, uninstalling all my apps to see if it was one of them, and checked if it was up to date. It's none of that. It usually will work on the third try or so. Any ideas?

  2. Nhty

    Nhty Active Member

    yeah i get this often. all i do is hit the screen off button on the top, then let it sit for like 2-3 seconds then try again. almost 99% of the times it works. great way to just do a simple refresh.

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