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  1. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    anyone out there know anything about rooting this tablet?

  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    I successfully rooted the tablet using super1click. Not sure if there are any custom ROMs that will work on this tablet or not. It doesn't have an Hboot like my EVO so I'm not familiar enough to know about recovery or flashing on this system. I'm not sure about getting something like DT's a2sd to work either I have right now just a regular apps2sd just to gain some space. It gave me close to 60megs back so I can't complain about it. I deleted some of the apps I wasn't ever going to use. I am going to work on getting google play store and google play music on there.

    Yes this is a cheap tablet and no your not going to want to buy 1 if your planning on using it for business Not that it can't be just its a limited tablet with the memory and all it gives you. It will be a great internet tablet and will do for the hobbiest that want's something a bit better than the 7 inch screens. Facebook comes in real nice with this as does the internet and our very own Phandroid app. The big screen allows for great veiwing. I recommend this tablet for those who are wanting to "Play" with a tablet to find out if one would be for you or not. It was $150.00 so don't expect iPad performance. It comes with a couple of reader programs and has the ability to add a few more Nook is one of the ones you can add. It unboxed with iReader and Kobo. It has an APK installer that comes with it that is pretty handy and its own filemanager which i deleted and replaced with rootexplore and astro. It has email even though I have not set it up. I really don't need it for emails as I have my phone and my Laptop. Also the tablet has no Calendar apps and it comes with only an analog. I found a weather app with the clock widget that I'm using right now. It also gives you like 5 desktops I put go launcher on it and have trimmed down to 3. This tablet isn't going to need five pages IMO. Keep in mind that this is a great minimalistic tablet. It will probably allow you find out what your needs are for a tablet and what your wants are. For the price its decent enough. It didn't come with facebook and the slideme market app that it ships with doesnt have it either so I took the copy off my phone and installed that and it works perfectly for me.

    If your using this tablet please don't be shy. tell use your experience with it and what you were hoping to find out with it.
  3. tizzyzz

    tizzyzz Active Member

    I have been messing with it for a day now after rooting with 4zroot I was able to remove some crap apps and i followed the directions on xda for adding play store map and other Google items. So far no real issues wish there were custom roms for it but maybe if i get time I can try to get ICS to complie for it and install. Fine with out but if i can why not. May not be a Samsung galaxy tablet but it work for me and the price was right
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  4. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    I hear ya I would love to have Ics I'm not a dev though. Even more I would love to have a recovery.
  5. tonyzz

    tonyzz New Member

    I read some put cwm on it for recovery and nandriod backup I will try to find the article again and try it myself. If I'm successful ill let you know
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