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i545 poor 4g and wifi signal after teardownSupport

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  1. eldealero

    eldealero Active Member

    Hi guys, hoping someone can give me some help with my phone problems.
    I have a verizon s4 that was working perfect other than having a cracked lcd. I took apart my phone and unplugged all the flex cables and antenna and removed all the modular pieces on the phone then replaced the lcd/digitizer assembly (didn't use heat). When I finished my repair and put everything back together, the phone appeared to work fine at first, but I soon realised my wifi performance was really bad (1 bar 5 feet from router) and also my 4g was being weird (if it goes under 2 bars, it stops working and eventually after a few minutes shifts to 3g where it does work fine) I took the phone back apart to see if I missed anything, but the antenna are both plugged in properly and all the flex are plugged in.
    Does anybody have any ideas?

  2. eldealero

    eldealero Active Member

    I think I have figured out my problem, but I am not sure how to fix it. Hoping someone can help. I had an antenna contact bent over. When I went to bend it it broke the top portion off.
    Any idea on how to fix or replace it? Also where to get a replacement part if needed.[​IMG]

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