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i5500 WIFI Connectivity - WTF ??Support

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  1. shuriken030

    shuriken030 Member

    Hi Guys - just wondering, was there ever a solution to this?

    I have the wifi connectivity issue and having researched a bit it seems like this was quite a widespread problem even with stock / out of the box Samsung phones.

    I have a Netgear router with WPA / WPA2 enabled. I also have a work router here with PEAP on it as well and it *never fails* to connect to that one but don't want to be using up work bandwidth on the phone.

    If I reboot the router it will get an IP addr via DHCP. After a while though, normally a few hours but sometimes as little as a few minutes, it will refuse to connect again and just sits there in the Scanning / Whatever mode.

    I have tried putting the first IP that is allocated into the reserved IP addresses with the MAC of the phone but to no avail, the effect is the same.

    I have tried deleting the DHCP lease files out of /data/misc/dhcp/ as well and didn't seem to do anything. Files were recreated once a successful connection was established but did not seem to have any correlation to the root cause of the issue.

    So my question(s) are - what is the root cause here and most importantly *what the hell is the fix?*

    I have even tried putting the AP to open and have it try to connect that way - no dice. WTF? Is this for real ????

    To be honest, I can't believe that so many Samsung devices were impacted with this type of problem. I work in BIG corporate IT and I put an app / product out with this type of issue, especially on a basic feature to this extent, the whole product team would be walked, including my sorry ass is this kind of crap is totally unprofessional. No wonder so many people gave up on droid phones during that time.

    Anyway, if you have any feedback would love to hear it.


  2. shuriken030

    shuriken030 Member

    Forgot to mention, I'm currently downloading a i5503 ROM as pretty much a last ditch effort to get this stubborn bitch to connect - even though it looks like the download speed is going to take me into next year ... :rolleyes:

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