I5700 Galaxy Spica/lite officially gets Android 2.1General

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  1. paragk

    paragk Member

    I was able to install the NPS 1.3.0 IJ1 from the above link on Win 7 Ultimate edition. Had to uncheck "Mass storage only" from Settings > About Phone > Additional Storage for the phone to be recognized. However no joy with the Android 2.1 :(. See attached.

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  2. dancat

    dancat Member

    Click on the other tab, device update. You are looking at NPS update ;)
  3. dancat

    dancat Member

    I am wondering to. But i could not find the old firmware (XXIK2). If i can find it, i will flash it back and check the results.
  4. paragk

    paragk Member

    My bad :D. When I select my phone on the Device Update tab, I get the following error:
    New PC Studio
    This device is not supported.

    The device you have selected does not support software upgrade.
  5. svkndv

    svkndv Well-Known Member

    Samsung doesn't recommend you to install PC studio on windows 7. Kies is the right choice for win7. Are you on unofficial firmware? if it is so that may be the problem.
  6. paragk

    paragk Member

    I don't think Kies supports the Firmware Upgrade option. Can anybody confirm this?
    Will try once I get some time.
  7. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    New PC Studio(1.3.0 IJ1) is only supporting for FUS(Firmware Update) function After your phone is updated the software(CupCake -> Elcair) you have to use Kie program, maybe not working the New PC Studio anymore You are availabe the Kies software on Samsung Web site and you can work some functions like Phonebook,Scheduler,Photo Viewer/Editor,Video Player/Viewer,Music Player by Kies

    I just found this on the samsung site
  8. paragk

    paragk Member

    Yep, I noticed that too. Tried Kies but it is not even recognizing my phone. Can't wait anymore. Samsung please please please roll out the update ASAP.
  9. dancat

    dancat Member

  10. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    new pc studio is for up dating the phone when you've got 2.1 on your phone you have to use kies
  11. pilotk

    pilotk Member

    People, I tried:

    - New PC Studio 1.3.0.IJ1 (got it on CD with the phone) - didn
  12. rusky

    rusky Well-Known Member

    New PC Studio 1.4 won't install under Windows 7 but 1.3 will, go figure!
  13. pilotk

    pilotk Member

    Well I'm using Windows 7 too.

    Just use compatibility mode for Vista SP2 (right click on the setup file >> properties >> compatibility >> check Run this program... and select operating system).
  14. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    when the update does come to the uk do we have to remove the micro sd card and the sim or can we leave them in

    cant wait to connect to the server
  15. Davit

    Davit New Member

    I did install in compatibility mode, but it still won't recognize my I5700, and won't upgrade the firmware.
    Now read this - how someone in Samsung managed to post on the official website the announcement about the firmware upgrade with such a poor use of english. Especially when they misspelled Eclair:confused:. Is this some kind of joke?
  16. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    there's no update yet to install
  17. confabber

    confabber Active Member

  18. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    I had that at first but kept clicking on update phone and it said can not connect to server what os is on your pc
  19. rusky

    rusky Well-Known Member

    Uninstalled various Samsung stuff from Programs & installed 1.4.0.IL5 but I now have 2 unknown devices, CDC abstracr control model (ACM) & S3C6410 Android ADB now it doesn't detect the phone!
  20. kingdave

    kingdave Well-Known Member

    I've managed to get my phone recognised in NPS by uninstalling anything Samsung related using Windows Control Panel.

    Trouble is, once I've plugged the phone in and it is recognised it won't be recognised again. So I then have to uninstall everything then reinstall it all again to my phone is recognised. If there is still no update available then all that installation is a waste of time as it'll all have to come off again then go back on to recognise the phone next time.

    Its crazy they can't just get a bit of software that will work with the phone and get their act together and release the updated OS when its clear there is one in existence!!!!
  21. Gurdeep.Singh.Mander

    Gurdeep.Singh.Mander Well-Known Member

    Wrong or right this is what I think about samsung...

    Poor support from samsung! There's more to come from samsung like samsung Beam. People are crazy about that coz it has some projector or so. Here, why should we count on the upcoming stuff while even the existing stuff is being overlooked like this completely? people are struggling to upgrade to the latest version still no luck! sammy dont even remember they ever released in the past something called !7500 (so called flagship android device)! poor driver support, 3-4 so called "pc suites" for the same product and mind blowing errors "the pc suite is not exist"!!! in my opinion samsung are doing injustice to android! pantheon home just suckz on spica. complete disappointment from samsung. is this how they please their customers? bad support! no matter how big the company is, if we the customers feel disappointed with product support its all useless and m already done with them PERIOD

    Back to the topic...
    Installed Kies fyes New PC suite old PC Suite this n that so so so blah blah blah... just everything n still NO LUCK
    PERIOD .... again!
  22. mrprofx

    mrprofx Member

    i am able to get the update started in pc studio on winxp. This involves a lot of retrying when i get error message about network problems and rebooting the phone while it's connected and pc studio is running.

    After downloading the new fw the phone goes to a blackscreen with samsung logo and pc studio says updating 0% before it fails with an error message regarding the usb connection.

    Seems like my computer doesent recognize the phone once it goes into update mode.
    Same goes for restore mode..
  23. Gurdeep.Singh.Mander

    Gurdeep.Singh.Mander Well-Known Member

  24. Samsdroid

    Samsdroid New Member

    I've had the same exact problems as listed on this thread. All in all, a very poor show from Samsung, why bother even releasing android phones if you're too obsessed with developing your own OS, and can't be bothered to provide support to your 'android' customers.
  25. Gurdeep.Singh.Mander

    Gurdeep.Singh.Mander Well-Known Member

    That's what I wonder about bro. My face is like :confused:

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