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i7 won't recognize hard driveSupport

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  1. astuggle

    astuggle New Member

    I recently purchased the Impression i7 tablet, and it worked fine for about 24 hours. Then, the tablet stopped recognizing the hard drive memory. It also will not recognize the sd card. I tried using factory reset, but to no avail. It reset everything except that. What should I do? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  2. kapueblo

    kapueblo New Member

    my Impression i7 just did the same thing this morning. I'm not sure if this is a known problem with the tablet or not, but if I find a way to restore it I'll let you know
  3. robertgwhitt

    robertgwhitt New Member

    hi im robert i need help
  4. robertgwhitt

    robertgwhitt New Member

    i got the impression i7 and its haven the memory problem cant save nothing new sd card everything wont let me use apps or download them been factory reset im at a wall of hell
  5. robertgwhitt

    robertgwhitt New Member

    got same problem with mine been searching for a few days to get it fixed and i just want to take it out back and use it for a target

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