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i7500 with eclair and a working camera??General

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  1. sumit221287

    sumit221287 New Member

    I was wondering if thr is any 2.1 Eclair Version for i7500 with a working camera.. i have used gaosp.. but it does'nt have a working camera in eclair beta.. 2.2 froyo has all the feature but its too slow.. i have also installed gingerbread on it but the camera is too buggy (((shaky.. n changes color)))..

    secondly is thr a way to transfer files from bluetooth if i m using galaxo (1.5 cupcake) and also fix the battery drain bug in 1.5 ??


  2. dhawal

    dhawal New Member

    hey dude m also from india and is using 1.6 donut onmu galaxy -i7500. pls tell me how did u upgrade it...............would be most thankful to you.........

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