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i9000M to U.K firmware?Support

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  1. hypnosis75

    hypnosis75 New Member

    Hi, have recently bought an i9000M online and am generally happy with it although it does have a few compatability issues bearing in mind im in the U.K.

    Is there any way of upgrading or flashing to U.K firmware on this model to sort the minor niggles? I have already upgraded to gingerbread thinking this would cure it but it hasnt

    Many thanks

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Is this the Canadian version? What particular problems are you having? I would assume the only way to remove all the branding would be to root and install a stock ROM.
  3. hypnosis75

    hypnosis75 New Member

    Hi, yes it is the Canadian model, it sometimes has reception and network issues as well as having quite a few pre-installed apps which just don't work in the uk obviously taking up space, also cosmetically it has a few differences like the way it stores & shows contact numbers which just looks strange and confuses me.

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