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  1. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

    I read many posts saying I can put i9100 jb firmware on my i9100p does this mean I can go to sammobile and download stock i9100 firmware and flash

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    You will lose the NFC capability, that's all.
  3. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

    I dont use nfc so other than that all should be ok to download the stock j/b and flash?
  4. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

    I have downloaded the i9100 firmware and have the following files code,csc,emmc 16gb and 32gb, modem. Do i have too use all these as usualy i only use pda file
  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    It should be one file from SamMobile for JB, LSD. This is flashed as per the instructions in #1.7, here.
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  6. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

    Is it possible too enable nfc again other than going back to ics
  7. Riggers

    Riggers New Member

    I also have a Galaxy S2 from O2 in the UK (GT-I9100P) and want to upgrade the firmware due to the wifi freeze bug in ICS. As O2 have not released 4.0.4 I assume I now need to void my warranty and download and install the firmware some other way. That being the case am I best advised to follow Cooper1973 and install JB?

    I've no idea what I'm doing so have been looking through this forum for some clues but so far I've not found a step by step guide other than the CNET video telling you how to install ICS. If someone can point me to the right guide that would be really great.

    Also - do I have to ask O2 to unlock my phone first? And after installing will all my apps and data (emails etc) be intact?
  8. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

    Hi I changed too jb but prob now I want too use nfc so now I will prob have too go back too ics. If your with 02 on contract they dont charge for unlock just fill there form out online. I have tried patch for nfc but didnt work.
  9. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member


    Follow this guide

    The latest LSD release will be fine for your phone but as pointed out by Ironass you will lose NFC.

    The release is a non wipe release so your apps etc will be fine but be aware that some apps may not be compatible with this release.

    You do not need your phone unlocking but you will lose the O2 branding and O2 specific apps that your carrier has included in the ICS firmware

    You should pay attention to this section in the guide

    #1.7. My CSC code is not eligible for JB yet but I want it now!

    The process is pretty simple but if you require any help then just ask
  10. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

  11. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

  12. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

    And no still didnt work could it be that im usin i9100 stock rom? Can anyone tell me of a jb rom I could use for this

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