iAnnotate for Android?

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  1. BTPH

    BTPH New Member

    does anyone know if there is something similar to the iPads I annotate App for android?, or some kind of hand writing notepad? i have an aPad running android and want to start using it to take notes in class, preferably on top of a pdf document or an image file (all my class lecture slides are available as PDF's and can be converted to jpeg quite easily)

  2. reikred

    reikred New Member

    I'm looking for this, too. BUMP!
  3. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

  4. PDF_Susan

    PDF_Susan Member

    Check out qPDF Notes by Qoppa Software. It runs on all Androids and reads and save real PDFs, including the markups. You can add text notes, highlights and free-form drawings, as well as fill interactive PDF forms. qPDF Notes accesses, saves, and sends PDFs via email, Dropbox, Bluetooth or SD cards.

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