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iBolt Hands-Free Car Dock mini-reviewTips

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    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    It occurred to me that I've been holding out on my friends here with my top favorite accessory for our phones. I've been using the iBolt car dock since Christmas and I absolutely love it.

    I looked at other docks including the Samsung OEM one, but this one beat them all out for my needs after a lot of research.

    Build quality is very sturdy and the phone doesn't vibrate while driving. It's easy to pop the phone into the dock and swing down the arm on top that secures it.

    When you dock, you only need to make one connection (micro-USB). On the other end of that cable there's a pigtail, one side is USB (for charging) and the other is 3.5mm audio which works out great for me since my car's head-unit has a 3.5mm audio in. I'm a fan of hard-wired connections when possible (as opposed to Bluetooth) for max sound quality. It's nice not to have to plug anything into the headphone jack to get my audio since it all feeds off the one cable.

    When you plug in the micro-USB, it automatically launches the phone into dock-mode. I'm supplementing that with the Car Home Ultra app which gives me a lot of customization in being able to select car-related apps (audio, nav, etc) easily with a large, clear interface.

    It has a removable insert which gives you flexibility or to use it with many cases they say up to 2.5mm). I don't believe it will house something as large as an Otter Box Defender (but is said to work with the Commuter) ...but works great with my Body Glove Drop Suit, or I can go naked with the insert.

    The camera is exposed and facing the front windshield. I've got an app called DailyRoads Voyager that records silently in the background working as a DVR to record trips. Kind of a cool feature in case some idiot cuts me off and tries to blame me!!!

    It's great having the phone in arms-reach at all times, charging, playing music and reading my navigation directions all through my car speakers. Music automatically mutes when nav directions are spoken as well as if you hold the Search button to speak out instructions to your phone.

    Most of them are marketed for the S3, but that same model works perfectly with the S2 as well.

    I got mine from Amazon for around $35. I believe they retail at $39.99 but you can keep your eyes peeled for better deals on Amazon. :thumbup:

    More pics and info are in the link iBolt.co - Stay connected with your world.

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  2. AprilThe20th

    AprilThe20th Well-Known Member

    That is hot bro, do you know if it comes in white?

    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    It is super sweet man! Like I said it's my favorite accessory for sure!

    Wow, white dock with a white phone would look sick! Unfortunately I haven't seen a white version.

    I'm thinking some tamiya plastic model paint may do the trick for ya! :D

    I'm also actually going to order a panavise or proclip dash mount for it. I've used them in the past, it's basically just a little piece of metal or plastic that is made for your specific make/model of car and mounts in the actual dashboard. You usually need to pop off a piece of trim bezel like around the AC vents or radio, remove a bolt or two and mount this little bracket. Then you can mount whatever you want to IT. I've used them before for ipods etc and it just puts the device in closer reach and is sturdy and more "factory" looking. The windshield is a bit of a reach on my car so I'll be doing that asap. It's also a pretty large phone and honestly takes up a bit more window real estate than is like. Better to have it down on the dash.

    Here is an example of what I'm talking about. I'll lose my dash cam capability but I think it's worth it:

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