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    GAMESHARQ Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to put 4.0 on this phone? Or is there any chance that T-Mobile will offer an update in the future?

  2. Steeltooth493

    Steeltooth493 Active Member

    Currently the only way to put Ice Cream sandwich on the Exhibit II 4G is to put Cyanogen 9 onto it after you root the phone. CM 9 is a custom ROM, and rooting the phone will void its warranty but also allow you to delete programs that you don't need, like some of T Mobile's bloatware. I do not know if T Mobile will update the Exhibit II with an official ICS release, but my guess is that it will not be forthcoming or will be a while from now since it can be used as a prepaid phone. Plus, they would have to get ICS working specifically for the Exhibit II, which takes a bit of time and man hours from their tech teams. Jocala from XDA developers has the unofficial CM 9 rom available for us, so if you are still interested I would root your phone via Zerg rush and then look his XDA developers forum post up. I personally did it a few weeks ago and so far it is working great, other than the fact that the camera doesn't work. Jocala has no update for that but it was a minor drawback for me.


    Jocala's latest CM9 build (as of 8/26/12) for the Samsung Exhibit II 4G can be found here, and he got the camera working:
  3. KegHead

    KegHead Well-Known Member


    I'd love to have ICS also.

    I read recently that our sammy is too "weak" for ICS?

    I looked at custom roms but, they seem like they are only themes.

    For anyone out there...I rooted via Ubuntu.

  4. sirphilk

    sirphilk Active Member

    I have ICS on my Motorola Defy, which is very similar in specs. It's a custom ROM CM9. But it works great. I use my camera all the time though so I wouldn't be ready to update to CM9 on my Exhibit II.
  5. kuakeye

    kuakeye New Member

    I was just wondering. There are many custom ICS roms out there for the Exhibit ii that work very well. However, I am wondering whether there is a recent apps menu like on ICS. It looks much nicer than the 6 icons recent apps menu on stock Android 2.3.6. Do the custom roms include this feature since they have the "ICS framework"? :confused:
  6. jophtcedo

    jophtcedo Active Member

    I just installed the newest version of CM9 on my Exhibit 2 and it runs super smooth. The phone runs faster overall due to all of the TMO bloatware being removed. Only issue I've found so far is the front camera is not working, but that doesn't bother me.

    CM9 does include the Recent Apps menu along with most other ICS features.

    Rooting and installing Clockworkmod Recovery on the Exhibit 2 is fairly easy. It is very hard to "brick" these phones beyond repair. Everything needed with detailed instructions is available on and the Exhibit 2 can be reverted back to stock for warranty purposes if need be. You can go from a stock Exhibit II to running CM9 within an hour.

    There's usually folks on Craigslist who advertise rooting and rom flashing services for typically around $20 to $40. Not a bad deal if you don't want to try yourself.

    I highly recommend CM9 for the Exhibit 2. It makes 2.3.6 look ancient.
  7. The camera works on CM9 now. Thank g-juz!! and jocala and arco and arco's friend. :D
  8. natgel

    natgel New Member

    How did you get your camera(s) to work? I am running CM9 and neither camera is functional. Thanks!
  9. matthew99

    matthew99 New Member

    im trying to get it and i have a galaxy s2. ive done downloaded kies. done everything. There is no updates. ive gone to tools and went to updates and it says there is no updates. ive neen trying for hours... please help me

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