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  1. JakeM80

    JakeM80 Member

    Hey y'all, first post here.

    So, I updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, and it's mostly been great. It's more stable, stays connected to my wi-fi, and I think it even improved the battery life? So that's all great.

    But I've been having issues with playing music since I got it.

    I've tried WinAmp, DoubleTwist, and RealPlayer. I've synced and re-downloaded my music through each player's main profile on the computer (external 32GB, with about 28GB of music on it.) But nothing seems to help.

    THEY WON'T STOP CRASHING! Maybe I'll get 2 songs in, maybe 3, before they straight-up stop, and my phone has to tell me that "program has stopped responding* (like I couldn't tell, phone. Thanks.)

    Or, if it's one of the music programs that I have un-synced (like when I use RealPlayer but am synced to DoubleTwist) the player thinks I have double the files, 13,000 songs instead of 6,000. So when it plays one of these "fake" songs it just says 00:00 --- 00:00 on the timebar. I have to skip forward until I find a song that, you know, actually exists on my phone...

    Even the installed music player on the phone thinks I have 13,000 songs.

    I'm not sure if it's something specific with my phone? Or if the music players just need to get updated? Am I the only one having these issues?

    I need my jams, man!

    Thanks for any help y'all can give.

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums JakeM80. :hello:

    I know nothing about any of the music players. Here's one thing you can try though.

    Go to recovery.

    Power off your phone. Hold both volume buttons and the power button at the same time. When the phone vibrates, let go of the power button but keep holding both volume buttons. In a few seconds you should be in the recovery menu. Use volume buttons to move up/down and power button to select. Go to format cache partition and select it. On the next screen select yes. Select reboot phone and see if that helps.

    It doesn't delete apps or anything so don't worry about that. It just cleans out your cache.

    A lot of people that have had problems after the ICS upgrade have fixed them by doing a factory reset. You would need to reload your apps though.
  3. JakeM80

    JakeM80 Member

    Thanks for the welcome.

    so I cleared the cache, but it hasn't done anything. DoubleTwist (the program the phone is currently synced with) gets about 2 songs in before freezing my phone and then crashing. And God help me if I try to use "shuffle."

    I am hesitant to do a full factory reset. Though I guess I'll have to bite the bullet unless anyone else has any tips.

    Also, I actually forget from when I did the Ice Cream Sandwich update but will I lose numbers that I've saved into my phone that aren't assigned a Google contact link? Like, I have Pedro's Mexican Food saved but don't have it attached to anything.
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    If you do a reset, before you do use Kies to backup your contacts and other media.
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  5. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    I know this may be a bit redundant but bare with me here. I am a big tunes fan on my phone too. I use to work like 50 miles away one direction in Down Town Chicago and commuting with the train is a nightmare without jams so I loaded my whole library on my phone.

    What I use is the default touchwiz player - this is Music player icon the one with cd and a note on the icon. It seems to be working just fine. I absolutely hate the UI of google music and I feel like winamp is a horrible program with a lot of ads. Try removing all of the other music playing programs - just so that you can eliminate the probability that there is some software confusion. Make sure your music folder is in the External SD folder on your sd card and try to play it with that software. I don't sync music I just add it in myself and now a days I just pay for the music and download it straight to my device so it is simply not a big deal for me. I have 27gigs of music on my phone and I play stuff without any problem.
  6. JakeM80

    JakeM80 Member

    Well, I did it. I reformatted, re-installed all my apps, etc.

    And I think it works now! It's still crashing though? Which is weird. But at least now when it crashes it just pauses for 30 seconds, and then skips to a new song. I can deal with it for now, like... for a week.

    I'm assuming it must be something with an update? Or I might have to uninstall and re-install DoubleTwist again?

    I'm hoping it's not going to require another re-formatting because I really, really don't want to. But if it keeps crashing every 9th or 10th song, even though it's a step up, that's still just not acceptable.
  7. rahulverma4

    rahulverma4 New Member

    I had the same issue ... music player did not play songs correctly. Techno type sound issue. I pulled the battery and re-inserted after a few seconds and my phone is back to normal! I think this should be the 1st method before jumping onto a re-boot.


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