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Ice Cream Sandwich for Mesmerize - Stable and working

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  1. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    Hey folks, just passing the word along that there is a solid, stable ICS ROM that is working for the Mez. I loaded it up this weekend, and so far it's running fairly smoothly. Here's the link:

    [ROM] JT's ICS Build Edited for Mesmerize & Showcase! [Build 5] - RootzWiki

    The only gripes I have are the battery life is less than stellar (not terrible, but not great) and the stock kernel is not able to be overclocked through SetCPU. Otherwise, it's pretty slick.

  2. russianboy021

    russianboy021 New Member

    i flashed it but i have no access to the market or any other google apps, i tried side loading apk's but they force close, was wondering if you could help me out or point me in the direction of someone who could?
  3. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    sorry bout the double post folks :)
  4. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    it a a good idea to flash build 2 then build 5 and make sure you read everything in the first post.
    there is a glitch kernal that will allow you to over clock up to 1400, I've been using it with no issues.

  5. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    you need to go to the very same post that you downloaded the ics from from and download the gapps7.1 and the gapps fixer and you should be good to go!
  6. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    Yep, the initial ROM doesn't include GApps, so you have to flash that package separately. I have had no issues with mine once I did a factory reset to take care of some of the force close issues. It's been my daily driver for about two weeks now.

    By the way, what are your thoughts on Glitch kernel? Does it allow anything other than the OC settings?
  7. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    yea it changes up your cwm5 there are a few extra options

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