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  1. bhubiz

    bhubiz New Member

    is it possible to install ice cream sandwich on lg optimus black????

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums!
    ICS source code is not released yet, something can be digged from emulator images, but most functions will not work now.
    Simply : not now, maybe later if ICS is released by LG or unofficial builds.

    PS: please be sane when asking questions
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  3. sumeshsreeni

    sumeshsreeni New Member

    Hi friends,
    The answer for the above question is "YES".
    The minimum requirements for ics are
    1. 256mb of RAM
    2.A decent GPU
    Since Black satisfies both requirements,lets hope for Ics in our Black .
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  4. Kapman

    Kapman New Member

    But the question is will LG launch an ice cream sandwich update considering its taking them so long with 2.3 ?
    Sony has promised to take their entire xperia line upto 4.. Maybe LG would follow suit ?

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