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  1. Joesif

    Joesif Active Member

    Hey everyone I am new here, this is my first post I hope I am in the right forum. Here is my question, will the Galaxy Ace be getting ICS (Ice cream sandwich) and if so should I upgrade or stay on Gingerbread?

  2. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    Welcome To The Forum. Not sure mate. It's exclusive to Samsung's new Galaxy Nexus phone at the moment. It may be available for our phones in the future but don't get your hopes up. On some networks in the UK haven't even updated the SGA to Gingerbread yet!!
  3. jawzz

    jawzz Well-Known Member

    I don't think Samsung release an ICS upgrade for galaxy ace. There are hardware limitations for Galaxy Ace.
  4. Joesif

    Joesif Active Member

    That sucks as I thought ics would make the battery life better and I really like the face recognition but I suppose that's just a gimmick
  5. SashiX

    SashiX Well-Known Member

    Neither Nexus One with 1 GHz Scorpion processor & Adreno 200 GPU will be upgradeable (officially).
  6. Niranjan123

    Niranjan123 New Member


    Can you please tell me step by step procedure to upgrade my ace from froyo to gingerbread?
    I am new to this so it would be appreciated if you tell me in detail.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Bayint Naung

    Bayint Naung Active Member

    Maybe there'll be CyanogenMod?
    I read somewhere that requirements are only: > 256MB RAM & GPU.
  8. epraveenns

    epraveenns Member

    I have updated my phoneto gingerbread officially. The steps are
    Connect your phone to samsung kies
    click on your phone name there.
    It will show that there is a firmware upgrade available.
    Do that
    you will get gingerbread
  9. acevicente

    acevicente New Member

    Apparently, the Galaxy Ace is just a few steps below Galaxy S-II and it's 70% sure that the I.C.S (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be available for us S-5830 (Galaxy Ace) users...
    Although, our version will not be as great as others. Nevertheless, our version will still be available in the near future (maybe Christmas).
    It's proven that it will be, because Samsung executive producers said that it will be available to almost every phone that can support Gingerbread.

    If our older brother (Galaxy S-II) has it, why can it not include us?
  10. shaaan

    shaaan Well-Known Member

    Ace is going to get official ICS.
  11. GTraymond

    GTraymond Well-Known Member

  12. GTraymond

    GTraymond Well-Known Member

    I love the comment you made about the older brother. You are absolutely right we can support it the only thing we cant support is facial recognition. That isn't a issue though. Besides the ace is the younger brother to the galaxy s so there isn't really a reason not to do it
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  13. acevicente

    acevicente New Member

  14. dethor04

    dethor04 New Member

    Hello everyone!

    Im just new here and this is the first time i will ask about our phone. can you help me how can i connect thru internet without paying.. sample Hack the internet because here in philippines before you connect to internet use your phone you need to pay every hour..

    i Hope there's anyone can help me. how can i use my phone for brousing.
  15. kouyamz143

    kouyamz143 Member

    I'm new to Galaxy Ace, I have no idea whats this Ice cream. Can anyone explain?
  16. phaserrifle

    phaserrifle New Member

    Ice Cream Sandwich is the nickname for android 4.0
    it's a newer version of the software, with added and improved features. sort of like windows 7 compared to windows vista.
    currently the galaxy ace is running either android 2.2 (froyo) or 2.3 (gingerbread), unless it's been mucked about with by the owner
    the ace skipped android 3.0 (honeycomb) since it was for tablets only.

    each of the major updates gets a name, and all the names are based on desserts.
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  17. warpy

    warpy New Member

    good day,

    you can connect your internet without paying via wi-fi if you have at home or an open wi-fi outside. of course we pay when we connect to the internet its because you are using the 3G of your phone.

    i'm also a filipino hope my post answers your question.
  18. ignaz

    ignaz New Member

    I tried to upgrade my Ace during Kies, but when I click the update button, "Kies has stopped working" can you tell me how to fix that?
  19. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

  20. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    kies is a clunky software lol your best bet is to un-install then re-install , is that doesnt help which 90% of the time it does you may need samsung drivers from samsung. com if you do need further help pm! lol:D
  21. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

  22. Darkwizard999

    Darkwizard999 Member

    Hi to everyone,
    I'm using gingerbread 2.3.4 on my ace, how do I upgrade it to 2.3.6 using kies? I tried but not working.
    And I just wanted to know if nfs shift works on My phone? If, plz post the link or pm.
    And it is also said that ace has 512 mb ram but can use only 298. Can we use complete 512 mb,if how?
  23. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    plug into kies and if your carrier has released 2.3.6 in your country then it will prompt for the upgrade. If it doesn't its not officially available and you need to flash it yourself.

    The ace uses some of the 512 for the os! so you can only use what is there!
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  24. Darkwizard999

    Darkwizard999 Member

    Has it officially released in INDIA?
    Tell Me the easy way to upgrade?
  25. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    Check SAMFIRMWARE to see if it has the latest for your region. If it has you can flash it with Odin using chismays sticky guide (downgrading from cm7 to gingerbread) as it details how to flash a rom with odin. (same as your requirements)

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