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  1. jelly bean

    jelly bean Active Member

    who's the best?

    ICS :confused:

    Gingerbread :smokingsomb:

    How does ICS battery life compare to Gingerbread?

  2. jtjulian12

    jtjulian12 New Member

    I think they are the same, only different firmwares! Battery life shouldn't be impacted.
  3. solidsnake13

    solidsnake13 Well-Known Member

    I don't have any actual data to back this up, but I think it is better on ICS. If your experience is different, there are many apps that can help you optimize your device.
  4. thethrottle

    thethrottle New Member

    This is an older thread, but ICS is TERRIBLE. I'm trying to figure out how to downgrade back. The battery life sucks a fat one. Anyone have any idea how to get that done?
  5. noseph

    noseph Well-Known Member Contributor

  6. xxwhynotxx

    xxwhynotxx Well-Known Member

    Ths OS version ABSOLUTELY affects battery life. GB I think is best, but overall, battery life sucks. Its my one complaint about this phone.
  7. JJPR97

    JJPR97 Well-Known Member

    The battery life on the Lucid is Generally crap. I've gotta say it was a bit better on GB if I recall, but my phone was new then, so the battery could have gotten worse over time, especially for this crappy battery.

    I gotta say, the best battery life for me is while running CM10, after tweaking the Min/Max CPU and the CPU Governor. Another factor is the apps you have, Facebook kills the battery. I had root access with and GB and ICS (Obviously also on CM10), so what I did is use an app called App Quarantine (Requires root). So I'd put the app in quarantine so when I wasn't using it (which I don't during the day at school) It wouldn't run in the background. With an app killer the app still runs, It's quite annoying so with this app, it makes it a lot better. I also use IOBIT's Advanced Mobilecare battery saver feature.

    App Quarantine - Google Play

    Advanced Mobilecare - Google Play

    App Quarantine "Freezes" the app, making it stay closed and unusable. Advanced Mobilecare has many features in addition to the Power Saver it's a maintenance tool.

    Another thing I've heard about is calibrating your battery. My uncle told me about this and I haven't tried it due to lack of time. Basically, charge your phone fully, let it die, and charge it fully and it should be calibrated.
    I found this app a minute ago, check it out if you want.
  8. solidsnake13

    solidsnake13 Well-Known Member

    Actually, you should never let a Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer die completely, as that can actually hurt battery life. What your uncle is talking about is for older rechargeable batteries like Nickle-Cadium, in those the fluids would crystalize and inhibit the capacity of charge the battery could hold. Li-Ion or Li-Poly do not have this same issue and as such do not need to be calibrated. Turning your device completely off and unplugging it (if it is plugged it) will calibrate a Lithium based battery.
  9. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    The phone will shut itself down before damage to the battery can be done.
  10. piff

    piff Well-Known Member

    damn I have a LG F3 I wanted to flash but couldnt was going to get this phone but see its got bad battery life.

    I wish verzion had a LG F3

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