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  1. Joker36

    Joker36 Active Member

    With the recent announcement of ice cream sandwich and the recent purchase of MOTOROLA by google can we expect to see ice cream sandwich on the xt860?

  2. LifeInAnalog

    LifeInAnalog Well-Known Member

    ...with Motorola, who knows. The hardware should have no problem with it, so its up to Ma Moto and Ma Bell to get into our greedy little hands. My XT860 is unlocked, and running with Telus, so that presents another obstacle for me as well.

    If we could get something like CyanogenMod running on it, it wouldn't be a problem...
  3. alanfischer85

    alanfischer85 Member

    Why would it be a problem? Can't you upgrade an unlocked phone or if you are running on a different network? Meaning... OTA updates only come if you are running on Bell network?
  4. LifeInAnalog

    LifeInAnalog Well-Known Member

    ...well, that's the 10,000 dollar question. The normal OTA would definetely come from Bell only, but I'm not sure if it would also be available through Motorola's Software Update page.

    Either way, the OTA will only work if your system/app folder is complete, with nothing missing. So if you have debloated your phone, you need to be sure that all files are back or the OTA will not work.

    On a side note, we need to keep these forums active...there is so little info and/or development being done on the XT860 (as opposed to the Droid 3), that we need to keep each other abreast of any info we find, or of any developments we apply.

    Keep posting everyone!
  5. Joker36

    Joker36 Active Member

    I actually just bought a verizon Droid 3 that was unlocked I didn't want to take the risk in being stuck on gingerbread with a piece of hardware that can support ice cream(XT860 just incase no OTA) ... I have the peace of mind of more developer support so I can at least get cyanogen mod ice cream on it
    P. S Let's just call it ice cream amongst the community and leave out the sandwich its sounds smoother lol
  6. sbwoodside

    sbwoodside Member

    My impression was that the Droid 3 was not compatible with canadian networks.
  7. phantom inkdot

    phantom inkdot New Member

    I read that the Motorola Milestone 3 which I recent purchased myself would never have updates available for download through maker or carrier. It isn't setup to accept any upgrades according to the info. Which is rather annoying since it runs an old version of Android, even though it is a really nice phone. Id like to best more about unlocking it and loading what was mentioned above, the cyanogen. Please anyone using please give details and the pros/cons if that OS. What does it most resemble? How do I go about this procedure without risking my phone being ruined? Or am I being ridiculous?

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