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  1. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Alright Guys I know there is a forum for the captivate dedicated to ROMS.

    However, I did want to share this link with everyone.

    [DEV][BETA 2]ICSSGS Source - xda-developers

    While I doubt there will ever be an official ICS release, there is proof that the captivate can run it and run it well.

    I am using the rom and find it to be absolutely wonderful!

    I figured even those not interested in custom roms might be interested to know their phone can run it.

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  2. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    Cool. Thanks for the share. Just to make sure - it's the Galaxy S you are talking about and NOT the S2 - right?

  3. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    What I mean to say is my captivate as we speak is running Ice Cream Sandwich :D
  4. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    How are the features? What's ICS do that 2.3.x doesn't?

  5. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately we don't have the android beam since we don't have a NFC chip in our phone, nor do we have facial recognition since we don't have a front facing camera.

    What we do get, is far from disappointing though.

    We get

    A. a faster experience (I don't have any statistics to back it up, but believe me.. if nothing else it feels much faster)

    B. Major UI overhaul. We get a new task manager which makes the old one look primitive. They tweaked the status bar a bit. There are lots of transparencies.. (think windows 7 with darker themes.)

    Actually.. B covers a lot that I can't really completely go into.. I will just leave it at it being a major step up.

    If your not afraid to put a rom on your phone and your "Ok" with the things that don't work.. I highly suggest you try it out.
  6. tylerdurdin

    tylerdurdin Well-Known Member

    Sweet...I wish my wife would let me put it on there for a bit....but I cant complain I do have it on my HD2 which isnt even a android phone and its smooth as butter. The Captivate was the best flashing phone ever, as soon as she upgrades I am taking it back.
  7. Ceezer

    Ceezer Member

    Really? I've been running it for a week (was running Beta 1, upgraded to Beta 2 Friday night) and have been having nothing but problems with it. When I upgraded to Beta 2, I lost the use of the actual phone unless I do everything via speakerphone... Home and Back key functions have been reversed... Camera now just glitches when I try to open it... Etc. I had less troubles with Beta 1, but lost the Android marketplace and nothing would restore it, not even sideloading an APK, so I decided to "upgrade".

    What I'm wondering is, are kernels backwards compatible? I'm thinking about going back to something more stable, like a 2.3.5 ROM, but I upgraded my kernel when I flashed Beta 1 last week.
  8. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Hm.. I should note I am on beta 1.

    I upgraded to beta 2 and it actually gave me a lot of problems.. EX: it would go into landscape mode no matter what in the market.

    Be *REALLY* careful when going back to beta1 I bricked my phone and had to spend a few hours First getting it into download mode, then getting it off of stock since I went to 3e and then had to start over once or twice since it wouldn't come out of download.

    I forgot to mention I am on beta 1 I think they switched to beta2 after I posted this and I negleted to mention I'm on beta 1.

    If odin works for you I would definitely go back to 2.1 then forward to CM7 then beta 1 again (you might be able to go straight to beta 1 if you want, but I had easiest time when i went from CM7 to alpha to beta as it was released.
  9. omgitsoop

    omgitsoop Well-Known Member

  10. RedRyno

    RedRyno Well-Known Member

    ...I'm on apex 10.1 (and I'm so sick of it) could i flash this right over it?
  11. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    As I'm not familiar with Apex i would check xda first.
  12. nbell13

    nbell13 New Member

  13. Ceezer

    Ceezer Member

    Can this be flashed on top of ICSSGS (from the original post) with the modified kernel?
  14. Holmes108

    Holmes108 New Member

    I would agree with this. I believe the first ROM that was referenced is looking to stay as a very pure port (at least for now), but teamhacksungs performs much better for me personally, mainly in the WIFI area.

    I'm not knocking the other ROM, and not everyone seemed to have the wifi issues I did (very weak signal), but if anyone has problems they should try both.
  15. treybraid

    treybraid Member

    Does anyone have a download link and instructions; so, ICS sandwhich can be downloaded...Trey
  16. JoDax

    JoDax Member

    How's the GPS performance? Improved at all?
  17. UniQPlr

    UniQPlr New Member

    Running ics 4.0.3 on my sgs captivate, smooth transition from cyanogenmod latest stable..
  18. UniQPlr

    UniQPlr New Member

    Running ics 4.0.3 on my sgs captivate, smooth transition from cyanogenmod latest stable..
  19. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    I installed the teamhacksung ICS 4.0.3 last night (build 13). Took a couple hours to restore all my apps+data (200+) from Titanium, but not too bad considering.

    The ROM seems to be very stable. My phone is much more responsive now. ICS is definitely a step up from GB! I turned the GPS on for a second to test it. Maps found my location within a few seconds, so I'd say it's working :)

    I wish the launcher had more customization options. But, it is the only launcher than behaves the way ICS is supposed to behave, so I guess I'll stick with it for the time being (ADW and GoLauncher EX still behave like GB and the homescreen looks wierd without the static search bar).

    This is only my second custom ROM (switched from Serendipity VII). If I install another build of the same ROM later (newer build/official CM9) is it going to wipe my apps/data every time?
  20. Silvertag

    Silvertag Well-Known Member

    It mostly depends on the rom. Some have the data wipe built-in some don't. You have to check the OP to know. I would recommend to you to always wipe data when changing rom flavor. You also have to consider that by changing rom you maybe changing kernel entirely so a wipe is in order.

    If it's just a update on the same flavor you can probably skip the data wipe .. unless of course the update does it for you ;).
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  21. xskillz

    xskillz New Member

    I am planning to get ICS for my Rogers captivate i896 running firmware 2.2 kernel

    I never done any custom work on my phone, and I am entirely a newbie to this.

    I got a few newbie question,:
    1. Is it required to root my phone first before starting this process?
    2. What is the meaning of flashing? (i did say I was newbie)
    3. Any recommended guides/tips that I should be read or be aware of?

    I need like a ******ed proof tutorial :p
  22. Silvertag

    Silvertag Well-Known Member

    1- If you want to backup your applications yes. You may be also forced to install a specific bootloader prior to installing the ICS rom of your choice.
    2- Flashing... Overwritting specifics files with a package using the recovery menu of your phone. Think of it like flashing your pc Bios to include new functions.
    3- Head to XDA forums for some roms. Take the time to read read and re read. Its not hard but can be overwhelming at first. Look for some tutorial on flashing on Google.
  23. dreamliner77

    dreamliner77 Member

    Running ICSSGS 3.1 RC here. I have two issues/questions. First is that when I'm on vibrate, the phone doesn't vibrate for text messages. Secondly, is there a way to select a contact from a new text message? Seems to me I have to first go to contacts and then create a new message from there.

    Is there a messaging app that's similar to the GB one? I'm not a huge fan of the ICS app. Or is it possible to run the GB one on ICS?

    Also, for those that don't like the stock launcher, try Nova Launcher.
  24. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you're putting the phone on vibrate, and not silent? In the messaging app there is a "new message" button in the lower left corner. If you still want a GB style messaging app, Handcent SMS is a good one.
  25. dreamliner77

    dreamliner77 Member

    Yes, I'm sure that I have it on vibrate and not silent. When I first thought I noticed the problem, I realized that I actually did have it on silent. It's been on vibrate since 8AM.

    I have clicked the new message icon in the left corner but how do I bring up contacts from within the messaging app?

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