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  2. bearman

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    I have upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich on my K1, but any apps that I download from Google dissapear or say that they are already downloaded. Any ideas?
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  3. gatorpond

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    You mention that you must put the k1 into the recovery mode. Could you tell me how that is done? Thank for any advice.
  4. New2ICS

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    I updated my Tablet over the weekend, My thoughts:
    There is a PDF for instructions on how to put the tablet into recovery mode (Vol up, Vol down AND power).
    The PDF descibes installing the USB driver (For recovery mode), included with the ICS image.
    There are very few apps in the image. No File explorer.
    You must:
    1. Configurre your wifi, use Settings.
    2. Open the broswer (Internet Browser).
    3. Find a File explorer app, and download it (or install it).
    4. If you downloaded the file explorer app, then open "Download" app and install it.

    Now you can at least see the files in the internal memory and SD card.
    I had downloaded most apps to the SD card, and was very surprised I had so much trouble accessing it.

    Also I could NOT get "Google Play Store" to work on the image. :(
    The apps I could get running:
    ES File explorer, difficult to access the SD card "/mnt/sdcard2"
    Google Play Music
    Battery widget
    BlueSky live wallpaper

    That is about all I have tried at this point.

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