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iCloud email pushSupport

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  1. jnachbar

    jnachbar New Member

    I just updated to ics (246) today and after quite a bit of problems and searching I was finally able to get my iCloud email working with the proper incoming and outgoing settings. However, now it no longer does push notifications and only "checks" email with the frequency I set (every 15 minutes is the shortest option) Basically it is behaving as a POP account.

    Anybody been able to get icloud imap email push notifications working on their Bionic after this update?

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I automatically forward all of my icloud mail to my GMail account so it pushes for me, and you can change GMail settings (on a PC browser) so that you can send from that account, as well as set the reply address to that account, in GMail.

    If that is not what you want, have you tried using the K9 mail app?
  3. jnachbar

    jnachbar New Member

    Yes, I got K9 to work...It's just that iCloud push used to work fine in the standard email app and now, after the update to ics, it doesn't...I'm also aware I can autoforward or auto redirect my emails, I just use different accounts for different reasons..thanks

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