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  1. spridell

    spridell Well-Known Member

    Ok so i downloaded a bunch of apps. I used apps2sd to move the moveable ones to the SD card.

    Did a phone restart and now any app that is on the SD card NO icon will appear on the home screen. Its just the generic Android Icon. The app still works just no icon.

    I then moved the app back to phone storage and restarted and the app icon is back

    This is a pretty big bug. Anyone else have any input?

    If this was posted already i am sorry and you can move the post.

  2. falconey

    falconey Well-Known Member

    I'm not having that problem. I moved a few apps to the sd card although I won't be doing that in the future. There is a gig of ram on the phone reserved for apps.
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  3. spridell

    spridell Well-Known Member

    so the apps you have on the SD card, their Icons are showing up on the home screen? Not the generic Android Icon?
  4. themuffinman75

    themuffinman75 Well-Known Member

    Its not a bug, its the app itself. Its like some of my apps that have widgets, if I move the app to the sd card the app itself works but the widget doesn't but if the app is on the phones internal memory then the widget works just fine. I have had similar issues with the OG evo like what you are saying, so its the app itself and not a bug I would say.
  5. falconey

    falconey Well-Known Member

    Yes my icons are showing correctly for the items I put on the SD. I think muffinman got your answer though.
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  6. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    to jump on the bandwagon ,

    every app i have downloaded has been moved to the sd. i have thus far downloaded less than 10 apps. all icons still show just normally .
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  7. spridell

    spridell Well-Known Member

    For all of you that still have the icons after you installed them on the SD card, Have you powered your phones on and off yet?

    I had all the icons too until I powered the phone on and off and restarted the phone. Then the icons went missing.

    I know its not the apps because the same apps worked fine on my Evo 4g while they were on the SD card.

    Trying to decide if I should do a hard reset or not
  8. blackcar

    blackcar Well-Known Member

    I applied the latest update and did a restart, my icons are now the generic icons as well......sigh
  9. themuffinman75

    themuffinman75 Well-Known Member

    Does this happen to random apps, specific apps or all your apps on the sd card?
  10. blackcar

    blackcar Well-Known Member

    I moved 2 programs back to the main memory and the icons came back...weird...
  11. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I have this same problem but.... Only with Apps from Amazon App Store and only after a full restart. Also I have a keyboard from Amazon Appstore SwiftKey that I have to reenable after a full restart.
  12. spridell

    spridell Well-Known Member

    This happens with any app that is on the SD card. As soon as they are back on the phone memory everything is fine.

    I didnt nottice it until i did a restart of the phone. Once i did a restart the apps never showed back up.

    There is atleast one other person on another forum i know is having the same problem. SO this seem to be a bug of some sort.

    But... You guys say yours are working fine.. so it is a bit odd....
  13. spridell

    spridell Well-Known Member

    I wonder if this update to the Sense did something to the apps.

    For the people it is working for, do you guys have the latest update? and did a full restart after the update?

    thanks for the help.

    i Might try reformatting the SD card before i do a hard reset
  14. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I have confirmed For me it is only Amazon AppStore apps that I moved to the SD card. Android Market Apps on the SD never lose the Icon, well at least on my screens.
  15. blackcar

    blackcar Well-Known Member

    if i move, re-install or remove an app, sense refreshes and the icons are back.
  16. spridell

    spridell Well-Known Member

    On another forum they are saying a quick fix is to change to a different Skin and then the icon will be back.

    I just tried it and it works

    So this is definetly a minor bug with Sense
  17. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    Most of the apps I have downloaded have reverted to the "Android" icon that you see when you remove the SD card (looks similar to the market app icon). I haven't removed my SD card or done anything out of the ordinary. I went scuba diving and left it in the car; when I got back it was doing this. :confused::(

    EDIT: Going into the "all apps" screen shows you the normal icons, whicn you just need to drag to the screen you want and remove the old ones. Still curious as to why or how this happened though.
  18. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Moved your post here - check themuffinman's explanation above to see if it applies to your case.
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  19. AndroidMax

    AndroidMax Well-Known Member

    I've done all the updates, etc and
    the three apps that keep doing it to me are:
    Speed Test
    WiFi Analyzer
    and the HTC Flashlight App from the Evo 4G..

    All three programs have been moved to the SD card....

    Like a mosquitoes bite, it's annoying. :eek:
  20. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    Ya, that seems to be the problem.

    When I turn the phone off, it does not occur, but when I restart the phone I get the generic Android icon. These different ways they talk about as fixes work, but the bug is still pretty annoying.
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  21. Recoil1

    Recoil1 Well-Known Member

    About 1/2 of the app icons don't have their associated pics attached to them on my home screens. This happened after I let the phone run out of battery and shut itself down.

    Upon restart I was missing the app icons pics only on my home pages. The apps worked fine launching from the home pages and the pics were good in the all app menu.

    I could put the pics back on by removing them and them putting them back on but after I would restart my phone the pics would disappear and I would be left with only the generic android Icon.

    I have tried to restart

    pulled the battery

    turned off fast boot

    waited 45 minutes hoping it will automatically re-sync.

    unmounted the sd card then remounted it

    plugged it into the computer as a hard drive hoping to get the SD card re-sync.

    P.S. I can't get it to restart from the shutdown menu all it does is shut down then I have to manually restart it.
  22. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    seems the only course of action is to not move the apps to SD. perhaps a fix will be forthcoming...
  23. dmaul3300

    dmaul3300 Well-Known Member

    This worked for me also. I hope it is something HTC fixes with a future patch.

    It is weird how changing a skin would work - but it worked for me. Easier then having to re-create all the icons not working.
  24. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    point is once you soft reset you lose them again. changing screens is too much hoop jumping for some..
  25. jcunwired

    jcunwired Well-Known Member

    This is most definitely a bug, and has nothing to do with widget function. If on sd card many icons revert to default Android when rebooting the phone, but none installed in internal memory have this issue. Until a fix is delivered I've moved everything back to memory.
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