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  1. grown ups

    grown ups Member

    i need help in changing icon in my device galaxy s2 is it possible that i can change icon or download then set like i do in PC if so then how i am new user of android just bought samsung s2 so please help..i like to change he icons

  2. Gamr425

    Gamr425 Well-Known Member

    Download a launcher, like Go Launcher EX, then download themes. Hold an icon and hit replace to change the icon.
  3. grown ups

    grown ups Member

    thank u so so much really needed that ..one more can download more then they already showing or these are the only i had go launcher EX but dont know that how to change thanks again.
  4. grown ups

    grown ups Member

    which format works on android like .ICO ,,.PNG or what?
  5. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    I've never tried using a .ico image, so not sure if they work (I doubt it...) but .png's definitely work and that's what all the Android icons I've run across are.

    HTH & Good luck!
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  6. grown ups

    grown ups Member

    thank u so much ..
    one more that if store icons .PNG from PC to gallery so then i can choose them too
  7. krj

    krj New Member

    Help! When I hold an icon and hit replace I get error message "no selectable images, please save some images to continue "
  8. Davidboss

    Davidboss New Member

    thank you very much
  9. quietlake

    quietlake New Member

    I get the same error message. Anyone out there know what causes this? or how to solve issue?

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