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icon | shortcut for mobile internet android 2.1 ??? (Browse All)

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  1. B UR SELF

    B UR SELF Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 2, 2010
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    hi chaps.
    as tittle says where is the icon of shortcut of mobile internet
    i got wifi but i dont think is one same as was in 1.5 verion of soft.

    can u help me please.
    i saw on youtube one guy had it so maybe u tell me where is it please :):):):)

  2. simplysquare

    simplysquare Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2010
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    if you press n hold the home screen you get four options, press widgets, then scroll down to settings, and its under 'mobile network' with htc written underneath. thats what i use to turn the internet on and off.

    hope this helps

    or if you mean the actual app then press the arrow in the corner (next to phone) and you'll basically get a menu of all the apps and stuff and its under internet. the actual icon has changed.(if you then hold the icon you can then place it on your home screen)

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