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Icons disappear from home screenSupport

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  1. hiyaks

    hiyaks New Member

    Anyone have issues with their Galaxy 3 home screen icons disappearing? Using Froyo. Seems to be only apps on sd card.

  2. skivit

    skivit Well-Known Member

    had a couple go missing a few times after i upgraded, think a task killer was to blame.
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  3. hiyaks

    hiyaks New Member

    Thanks for the reply! Do you know a fix for this? It's not the end of the world, but kind of irritating...
  4. skivit

    skivit Well-Known Member

    nope, and its still happening, random (i think) apps vanishing from the home screen. i flashed xjp4 with live wallpapers, its only been happening after that. task killer been uninstalled for a week or so, so its not to blame after all.....

    maybe a search of the forums to see if any other gsm has the same problem, but not now, i'm off for w#rk!! :eek:)
  5. maverickgenius

    maverickgenius New Member

    this is a irritating problem but persists in all stock froyo roms.

    you can install another launcher such as launcher pro, adw launcher, etc and the problem will be solved
  6. GriffinW

    GriffinW New Member

    I am using Launcher Pro, and I have this same problem, so that does not resolve it for me. After every reboot (and sometimes without a reboot), all of my SDCard-installed apps disappear, their icons turn to generic android icons, and I get the message that the apps aren't installed when I try to run them. I switch to the built-in Launcher (twLauncher) and have the same problem. takes multiple reboots, removing the SD card, replacing it, rebooting, i don't know what all, and eventually, the problem will go away, but I will be left with not knowing what exactly I did to resolve it. Meanwhile I am without my apps for sometimes hours, or the rest of the day. (Sometimes my apps are all there when I go to bed, but are all gone when I wake up. Not sure if a reboot happened during the night, or what.)

    This has only been happening the last month or so, and i have had this phone for a year (on Froyo for more than six months). Not sure if there was some update, or something I did to cause this, but it is very frustrating.

    I reset back to factory, and reinstalled apps, then moved them to SD Card, and had the same problem.

    Also, I rooted my phone about the same time this started, so I assumed that was the culprit, but I have unrooted, wiped out the phone, and started over, and still the problem persists.

    Anybody have any idea what is causing this?

    Thanks for any help,


    P.S. I have a Samsung Epic 4g, which only has about 400Mb of internal storage available for apps, so no way to fit all of them on there.
  7. skivit

    skivit Well-Known Member

  8. skivit

    skivit Well-Known Member

    flashed Indroid 3.0 at the weekend, and all apps have stayed in place so far.....

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