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Icons for wifi, battery life etc lost on home screen!?Support

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  1. Drooogie

    Drooogie New Member

    I ve had my S advance for some weeks now and yesterday i could not find crucial info on my home screen. The Black top bar seems to be gone and also all the small icons showing wifi, connection to the netform, battery etc are missing. My son was playing around with it....how do i get This back?

  2. Drooogie

    Drooogie New Member

    The problem above was resolved just by rebooting the phone. Just amazing though how the top scroll bar just vanished. Moving now to reading threads about connecting problems. My pc with Windows 7 (64 bit) with Kies has a problem connecting with my s advance. Typical, as this is the 5th phone I copy Music to and nokias, LG, htc, etc never had any issues...:confused:
  3. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Droogie and welcome to the forums. :wavey:

    Maybe try unplugging your phone, rebooting your computer, start Kies and plug your phone in again.
  4. Drooogie

    Drooogie New Member

    So...after some time I managed to fix it. Apparently there was some setting that I had to untick and whioop, it connected. I think my usb troubleshooter was deactivated, wrongly. Again, just amazing how a small thing can prevent you from using your phone properly.
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