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  1. mswhite60

    mswhite60 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone figured if we can add shortcuts, such as navigation or a contact to home screens? I cannot figure it out!

    (Do we have a place for the ICS "how do I..." questions? Might be nice to compile them)

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    apps: go to app drawer and long press what ever app you want a short cut to. your home screen will appear and put it where you want.

    contacts: there is the a widget that you can store multiple contacts in an access them by pulling it down. go to app drawer and across the top scroll over to widgets then scroll the screen till you see the contact widget and long press it to put on your home screen.
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  3. mswhite60

    mswhite60 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, dfib...yeah I know about apps and that widget. Let's use Navigation, as that is specifically what I wanted to do today. Anyone have any idea?

    EDIT: clarification - what I mean by "navigation" is a shortcut to navigate to a specific address. Used to be able to do this in GB with a long press on the home screen.
  4. mb66

    mb66 New Member

    Navigation: Start on the home page where you want the widget. From there click the apps button. Scroll all the screens left (or press widgets at top) to get to the widgets. There is a Google Map widget that does just this. I added it, and when you do you must give it an address and a shortcut name. Mine is called "Go Home".

    Hope this helps.
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  5. mswhite60

    mswhite60 Well-Known Member

    That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  6. mamawm

    mamawm Well-Known Member

    direct dial is also now under widgets. select direct dial widget, it will pop up and ask which contact and then which phone number you want to use. great for one touch dialing.
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